Now introducing, um, me, I guess

For lack of a better topic at hand, and this is clearly a mindless pointless subject I must share.

Long time reader, first time poster. Well, not first time poster; I’m up to fifteen or so by the time I’ve done this. But I have lurked here for about six months. I’ve now determined that this place really too charming/insane/intriguing to avoid posting.

So, er, um, hi! And all of the lovely ladies here are encouraged to contact me at their earliest convenience.

I’m a tall, hunky version of Tom Cruise with humungous pectorals. (And bonus points to whoever identifies that quote.)

Well, hi, there, hon! Hope your pectorals aren’t too huge, or you will tip over forward.

All the emotional baggage I carry with me is enough to counterbalance that. No worries.

Bloom County: Opus in a personal ad??

Welsome, fellow newbie poster and former lurker!!

Let the flirting begin?


Well, you left out the vital statistics:

Common and give age, weight, favorite ice cream flavor, last meal eaten, shoe size, planet from, pet’s name.

You’ll fit right in then.

Emotional baggage is always a turn on.

24 in two and a half weeks. I don’t wanna grow up.
Nothing in the past 40 hours, but the last thing was something from a vending machine on Monday, I think. Sadly, it wasn’t quiche.
Earth, but I live in the state of confusion (and I visit the state of denial on weekends).
Unfortunately, I have no pet. However, I want to get a cat and name it ‘script kitty’. Ha, ha! Um. (See, too much time with networks and stuff.)

Ah! Geek test! How do you pronounce the word ‘c-o-a-x’? If you said ‘co-ax’, as in coaxial cable, then you’re a geek. If you said ‘coax’, as in coaxing someone closer, then you’re a normal person.

Close- Bloom County, Opus on a party line. He stopped calling after one of the woman on the line recognized him as the dumpy little man down the street who picked his toes. Um, honestly, though, I don’t do that. But I do leave the bedroom window open during the winter.

::tips hat::

Welcome aboard.

Howdy-doo! I like guys with emotional baggage - they’re almost as much fun as kittens with tape on their paw. You’re WAY too young for me to try to seduce, but I make no promises. Nice ta meetcha!

I hope you enjoy your stay!


Welcome, have fun.

So…do ya wanna know what felching and squicking mean?

hypergirl’s a troublemaker. Don’t listen to her.


Newbies, newbies everywhere!

Heya, LNO. Beer’s on the left, doritos on the right. Random sexual innuendo in all directions as far as the eye can see.

Flaw in character, right off the bat. Should be LMN or MNO: NOT LNO. Doesn’t bode well, I’m afraid.

Gather round, ye children, and I shall tell ye a story. Or I can just give the abridged version. Longlonglong ago I used the alias ‘Lone Wolf’ on a bbs. It became concatenated to ‘Lonewolf’ on a mud. When someone asked why I picked that, I related the story of Celtic lore.

For, you see, prior to the Roman conquest in the first century AD, the local chieftain of a tribe would climb to the highest hill and search the horizons for the mythical creature known as the Olf. (Blah, blah, spend time building up the punchline.) And then the chieftain said, “Lo, New Olf!”

Which then became LNO. Trust me, it’s funny with a few beers in you.

Way ahead of you. Although I do appreciate the offer of … erm, education.

If I were a kitten, I’d push all the toilet paper off the roll, but I’d be too cute to punish. With tape on my paw, of course.

Welcome LNO,

As a fellow lurker/newbie (I’ve been around a lot but not a big poster, though in all honesty I really just don’t have the time to post like crazy), you are a well recieved addition.


No, just kidding . . . I’m not tall and not hunky.

And evidently I’m not a geek, either. :sigh:

Well, evidentally I am a geek. Cool way to test for it, too. I’ll try it out on some of my Mensa friends this weekend!!

And, as soon as you correct me, I flash the mental picture of the cartoon panels where this all happened. I miss Opus and company!! :sniff:
I’ll show you my baggage if you’ll show me yours…

Greetings and welcome. Your username reminds me of FDR’s middle name for some reason. I’ve got a weakness for bad puns, I guess. Make sure you take the time now to designate an executor for your will and say all your goodbyes to family and friends…you can check out any time you like, but…