Now THIS is the Biden I like to see.

This is a video of Biden getting asked a series of increasingly inane questions by some local news anchor in Orlando a couple of days ago. Joe completely handles the demagoguing interviewer at every turn.

This is the Biden who we need to see more of. No gaffes. Just total pwnage.

“I don’t know who’s writing your questions…”

My my, that’s gonna leave a mark–go get 'em, Joe! :stuck_out_tongue:

Biden: “Is that a real question?”


I like this Biden interview, myself. :slight_smile:

Worth noting that the campaign cancelled Jill McCain’s scheduled interview with WFTV after that.

Here’s the same bitch (Barbara West) interviewing McCain, two weeks earlier:

Not quite as “hard hitting” this time.

Is that Billo in drag?

Your link leads me to the same Biden interview as the OP.

Wow, who did write her questions? It is obvious she is just an aging talking head with no real intelligence herself. She really came across a smiling worthless goofball. That interview was very good for Biden however.

Really. I was just going to say that all that proves is that he can be patient enough to sit through questions that passed the ridiculous mark a long while ago.

Comparing any US presidential candidate’s policy with Marxism is simply ludicrous.


Try this one:

The “WTF? Seriously?” look on Biden’s face when she returned to the stupid “spread the wealth” question one last time at the end was just classic.

Dang. When I try it, I get a message that “The stream for this video is currently unavailable.”

Me too.

Maybe the station decided it was just too embarrassing for them.

I think i might have found it on YouTube.

Sounds like that’s it, down to the “WTF?” expression on Biden’s face at the end.

Yeah, that’s it. I found the WFTV link on reddit, so they might be overwhelmed with traffic now…or maybe they took it down out of embarrassment.


I loved it when Biden finally had to ask the interviewer… “Are… these real questions?”

Yah. What in the world was going on here?

Just another example of the liberal media at work.

So was Barbara West blinking Morse code?

I was wondering when she was going to ask, ‘When will Barack Obama give up his Moslem faith?’

WFTV should be WTF-TV.