Now you too can play the cowbell....

Online! I like opening iTunes and playing cowbell to my songs.

I am at work and cannot try this out right now, but rest assured I will.

And I have a real cowbell on my drumkit, so I don’t even need to :slight_smile:

Suddenly I have that cricket theme* in my head.

More cowbell…

*Soul Limbo by Booker T and the MGs

There is a cacophony of quotes & cowbells around my office now.

Dude, google “Christopher Walken cowbell soundboard”. Click the first link.

Say goodbye to productivity today.

Or the almost identical one in the OP?

Sorry. I’m posting from my BlackBerry. The Dope is blocked at work.

Needs more cowbell.

What doesn’t?

And maybe some bacon salt.

Mmmm… cow and bacon…