Nuke Canada?

They’ve got oil, weed, and they gave us Celinee Dion. Between the natural resources we need to seize and the unspeakable plague of Dion, does Canada deserve to be the next playground for the hydrogen bomb??

Well, it’s also got my mother, my two brothers, my sister, my nieces and nephews, my aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents and my best friend since my age was in the single digits. You want to evaporate my family for what again?

Try it and we’ll unleash the other four Dions.

Waitaminute, I thought you folks were totally opposed to committing acts which violate the letter and spirit of the Geneva Conventions. I mean, dude, that’s just so wrong on so many levels. By doing so, you’d be committing a horrendous war crime plus be destroying the environment in ways that nuke could never do! And I always thought you were such nice people!

McKenzie Brothers.
Waste 'em.

Bummer about that a-bomb, Harold.

But, not to worry! I have the handyman’s secret weapon. DUCK TAPE!

Remember, if nuclear radiation makes you so lothesome looking that the women don’t find you handsome, make sure they find you handy.


I miss not living in the homeland.

But as to the OP-- try it, and suddenly you’ll be drinking radioactive water…

No! Don’t Nuke Canada! Their beer is so much better than American beer.

Budweiser? Miller? I might as well pee into a cup.

Gimmee a nice Labatt’s Blue any day :cool:

Good beer comes from Germany.
Nuke 'em.

Good beer comes from Germany.
Wolverines come from Canada.
Nuke 'em.

Which ones are you making into zombies?

If you nuke Canada…

[ul][li]William Shatner and Celine Dion vwill be unable to go home.[]You will run out of animators, newscasters, and comedians.[]Your gay population won’t have anywhere to escape to and then get married in.[]There will no longer be a buffer state between the USA and St-Pierre et Miquelon, leaving you open to direct attack by the French.[]You won’t have any maple syrup left. (Vermont will be downwind from the blasts, in case you were thinking of getting around the shortage that way.)[]Giant starving mutant polar bears will ravage your northern states.[]There will no longer be a buffer state between the USA and Greenland, leaving you open to direct attack by the Danes and the remaining Inuit.[]Nanaimo bars will be history.[]So will poutine.[*]There will no longer be a buffer state between the USA and the North Pole, leaving you open to direct attack by Santa Claus.[/ul][/li]

Ah, shit.

Maybe we’d better rethink this…

Yeah, that Santa Clause is a real bastard. He’s already enslaved one race of people…

How about, we nuke Canada, then build a wall. A really, really tall one.

Hold the phone here, people…I’m being sent to Montreal on business in a few weeks, so can we either do this in the next couple of days, or hold off until late August?

I hear Saskatchewan will be open soon

As vacation Land for

Lawyers in loove . . .

Dude, he’s got those flying reindeer.

We’re going to need some ack-ack, too.

Yeah, and have Greenpeace all over our ass for preventing the wolverines from migrating to Michigan or Montana or where ever the hell they go.

For the weed. It’s good stuff up there!

Gah. Does that mean all us Canadian Doper will have to move to the States or be vapourized? Maybe I can hide somewhere north.