Nuke Canada?

Can’t we just walk in there, plant a flag and say its ours? Not like there would be any fight. From previous posts it seems they are all drunk or stoned. Or both.

Hey, nuke you too, budday!

Three words… hot cold fronts.

Nuking somebody so you can take their weed doesn’t make a whole lot of sense; wouldn’t it all get burnt and radioactive? :dubious:

Why stop with Canada? Let’s listen to Randy Newman’s advice:

You’ve already done this!

Broken Arrow.

And again:

Remember, third time’s a charm! (I think these “duds” were just for practive…)

And those news reports said that the Canadian navy was searching the Great Lakes and St Lawrence for test models of the Avro Arrow! Now we know what they were really looking for…

If we nuke 'em, we won’t be able to use the oil.

We already have weed, and destroying their government (along with the rest of the country) won’t make our weed legal.

I was under the impression that Ms. Dion spends the majority of the year in Las Vegas, NV.

yeeesh! If we’re going to start another bash Canada fest, let’s at least be logical about it.

[South Park]

Now now, the Canadian government has apoligized for Celine Dion on several occasions.


Weed inspires these sorts of thoughts.

Besides…MUTAGENIC POT, MAN! How’s THAT for mind expanding?

Santa is watching.

Nuke the Fat Man.
Now, while there is still time and we still have our precious bodily fluids.

We could put Greenpeace in Canada.

*I said "Hey, listen, Fat Man
We’re gonna drop the bomb
Because they sent that diva
with those awful songs

“My brother’s in the armed forces
He’s flying to the Pole
You’d better get to shelter
If you wanna save your soul.”

He said “You can’t nuke the Fat Man
No, you can’t nuke me
You’re just a bully nation
And that’s all you’ll ever be.”*

But wait, what if the wiley Canadians start throwing hockey pucks at us? There’s no time for debate on this. Quickly, locate and shoot Mike Meyers. The invasion has begun.

Is that anything like a bully pulpit?

They kicked our asses the last time we tried. Beaver bites hurt.

Let’s not start another vagina dentata thread.

I must agree that the Canada’s MADD (Musical Assaulting Dion Destroyers) excededes our own, mere nuclear, variant. Lest we forget, the the on-the-shelf-capacity to clone and distribute Dions and even Anne Murrays, perhaps against the borders of or even from within the American homeland.

Canada must live, for now.

But the threat is great, and we must have ever more sweeping, unquestioned and unreviewed powers to deal with it. We must be able to indefinitely detain amyome wjp even LOOKS or sounds vaguely Canadian. Or French. We’ll start sweeping up people who wear plaid woodsmen’s shirts, but don’t wear cheesehead hats (to weed out the Wisconsinites).

Anybody want in on fun photo sessions late at night in “Camp Hoser”?

It’s too late. The infiltration operation is so far advanced that you’re already doomed, even if you nuke us.

Besides, you’d be in the fallout pattern. How stupid are you guys, anyways?