Number of responses is listed, but what about the number of views?

How can I see the number of views a thread has? It used to be there under the old board software, but I’ve no idea how to get that info now.

Here’s what I’m seeing:

If you go to the main page for a forum (or, I guess Discourse calls them Categories), it shows Replies, Views, and Activity.

If you look at a thread that has some replies, directly under the OP is some info about the thread, including the number of views.

For all I know, your mileage may vary depending on what theme, device, or browser you’re using.

I’m seeing that also in unread, new topics, and latest topics: a list of threads/topics, and to the right of each number of replies, number of views, and time since latest “activity”, which seems to mean latest post though I don’t know whether an edit of a post would count, and I think something like a mod adding tags to the thread might show up as “activity”.

I’m on a desktop, Mac, Firefox, theme is Straight Dope Light.

Bumping this because an interesting thing just happened. I was checking for an old thread I’d started. When I looked at my OP, across the bottom of the OP, just below the Reply arrow, the following show up, going from left to right:

Created/last reply/replies/views/users/then the avatars of the frequent posters in the thread. The last three can be toggled into another line if you touch the chevron to the far right.

For created and last reply, it shows the avatar under the word and the avatar’s followed by a date. Hover your cursor over the avatar to see the username.

Replies, views, and users have a numbers over them.