Number of responses is listed, but what about the number of views?

How can I see the number of views a thread has? It used to be there under the old board software, but I’ve no idea how to get that info now.

Here’s what I’m seeing:

If you go to the main page for a forum (or, I guess Discourse calls them Categories), it shows Replies, Views, and Activity.

If you look at a thread that has some replies, directly under the OP is some info about the thread, including the number of views.

For all I know, your mileage may vary depending on what theme, device, or browser you’re using.

I’m seeing that also in unread, new topics, and latest topics: a list of threads/topics, and to the right of each number of replies, number of views, and time since latest “activity”, which seems to mean latest post though I don’t know whether an edit of a post would count, and I think something like a mod adding tags to the thread might show up as “activity”.

I’m on a desktop, Mac, Firefox, theme is Straight Dope Light.