NY Doper Dinner - May 4th - the Spiderman Edition!


…where movies SUCK…


holds the LAST HOPE for Mankind.

You know you want to see it. You know you WILL see it. Only THIS time…

You’re going to see it with DOPERS.


When? Saturday, May 4th, sometime in the evening

Where? Some midtown-downtown theater to be determined

You game?

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Event-Planners, Pucette and Pixellent

Holy hell, Puc!!! What a great idea! My wife wigs out every time she sees a commercial - she’s absolutely dying to see it.

Frankly, I can’t get excited about it, but it is Spiderman.

I’ll see if’n we can get a sitter or something.

Oh, and we are going to go drinking afterwards, right?

Ya darn tootin’!

Hope you guys can make it. It’s been a while.

Oddly, amazingly, I will be in NYC saturday, May 4. I have a conference. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to join (I may be forced – FORCED – to eat a fancy dinner at others’ expense) but if free I would love to meet NYC dopers and geek on Spidey. I am an (almost) native New Yorker myself (true confession time: I was born in !gasp! Indiana to 2 Native New Yorkers. We moved back, 'kay?)

I wanna! I wanna! I wanna! I’ve been wanting to see this one for awhile. So, unless something goofy and strange comes up, I’ll be there.

Is it just me, or did this thread dissapear before people got to really see it? Oh well. Let’s hear it New Yorkers!!! Who’s with the five of us???

I’ve missed the last couple of events. Hopefully the grand conspiracy (which for some maniacal reason forces my schedule to change on a dime for evil purposes which I have not yet identified) will lay off this time.

That is the first weekend it is out, no? That is going to sell out quickly. How are we going to arrange tickets? Which theater? I like Kips Bay, and I don’t like the Union Square one. The one in the 60’s on Broadway would be cool. If someone scores the tickets I’ll pay you. I can arrange to give whoever the cash before May 4th if needed. Perhaps if I’ve already paid for the event I’ll be more likely to get my ass there.

Big month for movies what with Spidey and Star Wars and all. I love the commercial that end with someone yelling “Anakin! No!” and then he takes a light saber across someones face. Shivers up me spine . . .

DaLovin’ Dj

I’ve requested a title change - I’m thinking that something more straight forward will get some more responses…

Here is a suggested plan. Spiderman appears to be playing at the Loews E-Walk theater on 42nd street at 5:45 on Saturday - that would give us plenty of time to go out for dinner and drinks afterwards, and it’s conveniant for just about every commute.

Pixellent and I will buy the tickets in advance, because as dj says, it’ll be sold out pretty soon. We’ll probably make the purchase at the end of this week, so let us know if you want to go!

So far, we have: [ul]
[li]myself[/li][li]Pixellent[/li][li]Gorgon Heap[/li][li]Acrylic Vessel[/li][li]Hello Again[/li][li]True Pisces[/li][li]Dalovin’Dj[/li][/ul]
Woo! This is going to be a blast!

Add me, too! I s’pose we should plan to meet pretty early at the theatre to get seats…

I won’t be back on the East Coast until late May…

But remember that Saturday, May 4 is also FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. Get your collective tukuses into a comic book shop for some fresh giveaways, including a Spidey comic from Marvel and an Episode II preview from Dark Horse.

…ok, back to the movie…

I’m in!

Last official notice for the day:

Because of various moments of sold-out-paranoia, cut-off day will be this Thursday for the Pix/Pucette ticket purchasing extravaganza. If you want us to buy you a ticket, let us know by midnight on Thursday!

For dinner and merry-making, I suggest we go to John’s Pizzeria, which is on 44th and 8th, a mere two piddling blocks away from the theater.

And yays go out to our two latest additions, Oxy and the Wonkster!

Add me to the list.


Just a reminder – I think we (we being the City of New York) already had May 3 on the calendar for dinner/drinks with woodstockbirdybird . Is this still on?

Whoooops I’d completely forgotten about that. I’d love to meet him, and so I for one would be up for both…

Thanks for posting the reminder, delphica!

I’ll bite.

I’m in.

Mental note: Check to see who I am before posting.

I am in.


K. My next question is: Considering the movie doesn’t start until almost 6 and its a Saturday that I (believe it or not) don’t have to work, anybody want to start gathering before going to the theatre?