Ny Football Giants

I like the NY Giants new/throwback uniforms - the ones with the Ny on the helmet. The blue on the helmet is the same shade of blue as the jersey.

However, with their old uniforms (the helmet that just said GIANTS) the helmet appeared to be a different & lighter shade of blue than the jersey.
Did anyone else ever notice the shade difference on the old uniforms and do you know if there was a reason for it?

Regarding the 1980-90s style of Giants uniforms, I always thought the jerseys looked LIGHTER than the helmets.

I can tell you from experience in printing that it’s not easy to get two very different materials (hard, glossy plastic versus synthetic cloth) to match in color.

The jerseys in the 80’s-90’s were a lighter shade of blue then the helmets.

You’re right. The jersey was lighter than the helmet. Was it intentional?


Hell if I know. With the technology available these days, I’m sure they could get thge helmets to exactly match the uniforms, but back in the 1980’s, maybe not.

You can take a look at The Helmet Project, but it’s hard to tell.

It’s clearer at this site. The older helmets seem to be lighter blue than the current ones.