Oakland stomps Texas 23 to 2!!!

Okay, I just HAD to brag. Oakland Athletics scored nine runs in the first inning alone in their second game against the Texas Rangers today. It was an incredible game today. Woo hoo!

Ouch, must hurt to be a Rangers fan.

Same thing happened to the Toronto Blue Jays just a day or two ago. Baltimore beat them 23-1. Could this be the start of a new baseball trend? If it is I might start watching again.

I used to be a huge Oakland fan when I was younger. Back when they had Canseco, McGwire, and Eckersley.In fact as I sit here at my desk beside me sits an Oakland Athletics waste basket, the last reminder of my days as a baseball fan.

Aren’t the Rangers a hockey team? And they’re not from Texas–something like New York, isn’t it?

I’ll never understand football.

[sub]Go White Sox![sub]

It really hurts being an Indians fan.

It seems like Oakland just can’t lose.

One day of hope left.

My Angels are out of, so I’m pulling for the A’s. Too bad the Mariners spanked my Angels yesterday 21-7. Maybe Sunday.

barker, there is hope! go to the World Series predictions thread to see that the Indians might just make it to the postseason after all.

You have no idea. We had one good month, though. :slight_smile:

The DJ on the radio station this morning was talking about the good news today: the Cowboys won and we’re getting a cool spell later this week.

Someone called in and pointed out the best news: the Rangers season is over.

I’m so glad I’m not a sports fan.