Octopus here's your own thread to shit all over


Damn it, you made me lose a bet.
Apparently, you can count to one.

I asked you to cite your claims. You offered incoherent blather. One of us is certainly exhibiting signs of mental and intellectual incontinence. It’s no good denying it’s you. Everybody knows. Imbecile.

I’d ask for details knowing there’s no chance of anything being presented but your disconnect from reality is soo amusing I will anyway, with hope,

I believe what he meant by that was:

“I’m a fucking troll, so here is some complete crap that I hope will provoke someone.”

Thanks for the confirmation, I guess.

Being dumb and dishonest is a hard combo. I feel for you.

Heck, he might become president!

Rich, coming from the guy calling protesters violent, while using a video of someone driving through a crowd of protesters as “proof”.

You make it look easy. Must be all those years of experience.

The exact words were “shooting at random jeeps”, ergo the git was not aware that the Jeep driver caused protesters to scramble out of the way thus clearly was not “actually watching events as they are being recorded” and linked the first bit of far-right propaganda which supports the “random jeep” narrative.

It appears that the banning of Clothahump and Shodan, have left a vacuum in the area of snide contentless one liner s and Republican talking points given without an iota of evidence, and the board’s octopod has oozed in to fill the gap. With luck he will meet a similar fate.

Since I don’t use insults an admin has explicitly condoned in ATMB or use the “H’ word I should be safe.

Yep peaceful protester just peacefully firing a gun of peace. Bullet of peace struck other peaceful protester who bled peacefully. Hope they didn’t call the police. That would be fascist.

Asterisks mine for clarity:


**Trump’s CREEP

I see no reason we should not be in complete agreement that guns have no place as part of peaceful protests. We should not see them inside or outside a Michigan State Legislative building and we should not see them on the streets of civil protest marches. The fact that some relatively small number of protesters chose to carry guns does not immediately disqualify the overwhelming majority of peaceful protesters and objectors to the use of brutal force by authorities.

So now defending yourself is bad. Can you pick a position and stick to it, you queef?

Shooting at someone, and missing the target but hitting a fellow protester of peace while that someone is legally driving down something called a road isn’t self defense, oh retarded one. Do you honestly think that if you are standing in the middle of the road with a pack of vermin that you have the right to shoot at anyone legally travelling down that road? You really believe that? I don’t think you do. I think you have no integrity, no sense of morality, and are a nut. I’m sure your mom loves you though.

So, what do you plan to title the book detailing your struggle? Some variation of My Struggle?

Shouldnt you be out smashing windows or knifing MAGA hat wearers?