Odd google autocomplete

If I type ‘what is the’ on google, one of the autocomplete suggestions is ‘what is the ph of a 0.050 m hbr solution’. Wtf? Is anyone else getting this? I’ve tried this on the google front page of a few other countries, but it looks like only the US site does that.

I’m in The States. I get:

what is the tea party
what is the molecular geometry of nh3
what is the partial pressure of argon in the flask
what is the mole and how is it used in chemistry

I’m in the States, and I get:

What is the tea party?
What is the illuminati?
What is the dream act?
What is the ph of a 0.050m hbr solution?


What is the tea party?
what is the american dream?
what is the what?
what is the illuminati?

pH of HBr never auto completes for me.

Here’s the url for the video, though

In Australia:
What is the meaning of life?
What is the time?
What is the date today? [I think Australia’s been drinking]
What is the Commonwealth?
What is the greenhouse effect?
What is the Illuminati?
What is the time in Melbourne?
What is the time in London?
What is the what?
What is the best nerf gun?


Tea party
Number game on facebook

I had to type in “what is the ph of a 0.050” before it would show up for me.

ETA: the Hotel de la Muerte is in Florida.

tea party
american dream
dream act

what is the tea party
what is the purpose of advent
what is the terminator on the moon and what causes it
what is the illuminati

I’m in the United States.

States here, and I get…

Address of the Empire State Building
Mayflower Compact
Tea Party
History of the QWERTY Keyboard
World Birth Rate
Purpose of the Burger King Academies
History of Facebook
Zip Code for Nome, Alaska
Origin of Halloween

what is the tea party
what is the what
what is the illuminati
what is the american dream

Google.ca gives me:

Krabby Patty secret formula
tea party
meaning of life

Google.com gives me:

tea party
american dream
dream act

Nice to see the nutbars and crackpots have Google as their primary browser, keeping it in business based on mine and others’ searches.

Mine (and probably many of your’s) favourite is the first one in google.ca, though. :slight_smile: (I thought that would be tops in google.bb (bikini bottom) - that Plankton’ll try anything!

In Nevada, US

tea party
minimum wage in Nevada
hcg diet. . .

If I type just “what is the” and choose “I’m Feeling Lucky” it takes me to the Wikipedia page for “Wiki.”


what is the tea party
what is the illuminati
what is the legend of the poinsettia
what is the china poblana

I did a thread once on Google autocompleting the term “Atlanta douchebag”.

From Google.ca

What is the:

'function of the middle ear osscicles

'tea party

'origin of the jovian moons

'goal of comparitive planetology


Exactly what I get.

… time
… airspeed velocity of an unladen European swallow
… american dream
… tea party


.co.uk, I get:

Minimum wage.

Wow. American people Google for much cleverer things than Brits! Don’t even know they’re on the internet as they Google! :smiley:

Heh. “Where is” autocompletes to “Where is Chuck Norris” as the first suggestion.