Odd opinions from Chaz Bono - You'd think he'd be more sensitive and not so dismissive of women

I am very much a mans man in most regards but I communicate better with women very often. I am athletic and physcial but have no interest in sports if I am not playing. I do enjoy championships and high profile events but thats where it seems to end. I don’t like gossipy men any more than gossipy women. I do enjoy talking about cooking, home decorating, fashion etc. but my hobbies are very male like with few female particapants.

I think there is a difference between noting differences and extrapolating meaning from it.

What, people make exaggerations when they talk? WTF? I’ve totally never heard of anyone ever doing this! I demand that people be held accountable for every goddamned word that comes out of their mouths that might offend even one person!

This is basically the new reality the internet has birthed, people are under scrutiny 24/7 and indefinitely into the future as people view archives.

SOMETHING you say is offensive to someone period, I assume society will get over it at some point.

Eh, typical women, always complaining about something or other, who knows what. I wasn’t really listening.

There are lots of people who grew up Jewish, no longer consider themselves Jewish, and say negative things about what Jewish people do, or who grew up Catholic, no longer consider themselves Catholic, and say negative things about what Catholics do. Sometimes when people leave one group and join another, they have bad things to say about other members of their former group. Some of that may be their justifying their decision to switch to themselves and others. Chaz Bono might be doing the same kind of thing about his decision to transition to male. We don’t see as much of it with gender as we do with religion, just because transitioning from considering yourself one gender to the other is so much rarer than transitioning from one religion to another.

How many women have blamed moodiness on their hormones? How many men have said something to the effect of they don’t like shopping for clothes with their wives (or some other stereotypically feminine activity) because they are men? Most of them, I’d guess. He’s saying he doesn’t like some stereotypically feminine activity, and blaming his gender and his hormones for that dislike. Lots of people do that sort of thing.

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I think he was being mysoginistic because if anyone else had said it, we’d call him out. But maybe he thinks that being a little stereotypical is what he has to do in order to prove his gender. I don’t know. Sometimes I think people who aren’t in a certain gender mold work extra-hard to carve out an identity.

Or he’s just an asshole.

My wife complained that unlike males she doesn’t enjoy watching endless shots of space ships flying through space and space opera fiction.

Where do I report her to the misandry comission?:stuck_out_tongue: