Official Population Figures in?

I read in the Chicago newspapers our “Official” results from the 2000 census. It was interestig and I wanted to check out some other cities but when I went to Census


The homepage I can’t find anything. Am I missing it? If the offical governement webpage doesn’t have the data (I’d like to know the top 100 cities) does anyone else have a webpage??

Since both the Tribune and Sun-Times released figures in their newspapers they must be offical.

Being released on a state by state basis. Won’t be completed until April 2. Illinois is done.
Here is the link

It looks like the data is actually at .

But it still might be difficult to find what you’re looking for. As you can see from this schedule, they release the data in stages. First up was redistricting data, so that was in the papers for a couple of days. And they didn’t even release that for all the states. Illinois yes, but not California or Florida or Massachusetts or Maryland. You just got lucky I guess.

So while there is some official data released, there isn’t much beyond what you’ve seen already.