Oh Brownie, you're still a douchewaste!

Remember “Helluva job Brownie”? The slimey toad given the head of FEMA position, which Bush thought could be used as a patronage job? That worked fine until an actual disaster happened and Brownie was shown to be worse than useless.

Well, Brownie’s now very upset whenever someone shows that they can be more on the ball at disaster management than him and his sugardaddy.

His complaint for Hurricane Sandy? Obama spoke about it too early!. Too early being freaking Sunday, when the storm was already touching parts of the US coastline.

Go back to horses, Brownie, maybe someone will let you shovel their shit.

Nope, from I remember of that hurricane and the reaction to it by Bush et al, I can’t disagree with this pitting one iota.

Is Brownie a deep cover liberal? Because that’s the only explanation I can see for him reminding the public at this time what sort of emergency response to expect when a Republican is in the big chair.

I think he may have just single-handedly flipped Florida to Obama.

I said it in the other thread and I’ll say it again here.

I’m just glad we have one patriotic American willing to stand up to the president on the controversial practice of addressing national disasters quickly.

I wish people would quit saying this. The Arabian Horse Association went into a nose dive under Brownie and the breed is much worse off since his leadership. If you want him to run a breed association, let him try pet rocks… I’m sure there are pure sandstone out there that he can’t much screw up.

When is Fox news going to try to spin Obama’s leadership in this situation into a coverup of some kind?

I don’t know about Fox News, but some conservative talk show hosts are blaming Obama for the official categorization of Sandy as “No longer a hurricane.” Since the Weather Service made that determination, hurricane warnings weren’t issued, and so dozens of people died, who would have known to evacuate if they’d only been warned.

i.e., they’re mad at Obama for not lying.

Just like the order of the killing of bin Laden, we all know that Obama ordered this hurricane in the last week of campaigning. Just like the job numbers, it was all a political ploy on the part of the Weather Service. That’s why we should immediately stop funding for all government agencies.

No joke: The other day I was listening to a conservative radio show. The dude on the radio was complaining that the “main stream liberal media” was giving too much air time to Hurricane Sandy. And that the only reason for doing this was to cover up Obama’s gross mishandling of Benghazigate.

He then went on to classify Sandy as just a strong wind. And [paraphrasing here] “Them Yanks need to man up.”

Good lord, my home state of Texas never ceases to embarrass me.

You must understand that the only reason the New York Stock Exchange was closed is because all those wimpy New York investors were sick of all the money those intellectually superior, real man investors from Texas were making on their already rigged game. In Texas when there is three feet of water on the trading floor they just put on their waders and fuck the cows and the sheep. Everyone is happy! Shit, after enough Lone Stars, as long as it is wet and moving it all feels good, even if it is just a hurricane.

No, that’s New Zealand after global warming causes the oceans to rise.

(And they import some cows.)

Brownie should take page out of his old boss’ book and just shut the fuck up and drop off the face of the earth.

That said…man I hope The Obamalama doesn’t fuck this up. For his own sake as well as for the East Coast.

Texans have been trying to pretend that only they (and sometimes Florida…maybe) get hit by hurricanes. During Hurricane Irene last year I know of one Texan who was poo-pooing the coverage it was getting and saying that the Southeast would laugh this off. Fortunately, he was a little smarter than his fellow Texans and actually seemed to show some shame when I mock apologized that the 2 dozen deaths Irene caused wasn’t enough to satisfy his bloodlust.

Yesterday, O’Reilly said that Obama was acting as any president would during a natural disaster. That means he was doing a good job.

(It’s just like the debates. When Romney did well, Romney won. When Obama did well, it was a draw.)

Brown said the response was too fast?

Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he?

People need to stop picking on Brown. He’s almost ready to put his Katrina plan into operation and when you see it, you’ll be forced to admit it’s impressive.


And it took him until Monday to say it.

From what I understand, this may be a fiscal godsend to some homeowners.

Apparently, post-Katrina, many home insurers snuck ridiculously high deductibles for “hurricane damage” into their insurance contracts…even though you have a $1000 deductible in some cases if the damage is caused by a hurricane that deductible goes as high as 5% of the value of the home, meaning a $15,000 deductible on a 300K home.

But only for hurricanes…and apparently Sandy wasn’t one when it made landfall.

It is very important that homeowners know this.

To be fair, I don’t think we can extrapolate Bush’s incompetence to all Republicans.