Oh Diogenes....

Have you seen the latest Vanity Fair cover? IIRC, You’re honey is on it, lacking a certain, ummmm, how shall I say it in English? Oh, clothes, that’s right. Lacking clothing.

Ugh, she’s so skinny. She just doesn’t do it for me. Eat something please.

Did anyone think that was Jeremy Piven posing with the girls?

And why does he get to wear clothes? :dubious:

Since I’m obviously not going to risk checking that at work…who are we talking about?

is momentarily stunned by the thought of Jeremy Piven nekkid…mmmmm…

Oh dear, ronincyberpunk, you maybe shouldn’t oughta said that :eek:

It’s not anything you won’t see at a supermarket check-out line. It’s the latest Vanity Fair cover. Skin, but no naughty bits.
(Sadly, as I am of the same opinion as Dio on this topic. She’s hot.)

I also thought it looked a lot like Piven… and I also “misread” the accompanying copy:


I apparently came late to the party but I’m assuming that Diogenes would disagree heartily with me, and that’s fine - he can have her. Most of my friends do disagree with me on this point, I’m a minority in my opinion. shrug

If Dio is into Keira Knightley, he can have her… but he’d better stay away from my future wife, Scarlett (Ms. Johansson if you’re nasty (I am)).

I was actually refering to your remark about her needing to eat something 'cause she’s too skinny. It could get you bitch- slapped around here!

Fair enough. I retract said statement and vehemently deny it ever existed.

keira nightley and scarlett johansson…raowrrr…

and naked!

extra rarrrrr for both of em.

Odd. I’ve already seen the cover (and finished the issue), but I clicked the link in the OP for laughs. My district blocks a site that’s from CNN, but I can go to the Vanity Fair site whenever I want.

Wait an hour and finish another issue.

Nice, but I could do without that idiot photographer cluttering up the shot.

They were talking about it on the radio today, and they made it sound like there was complete nudal frontity.


Here is the AP image, which has the folded part showing. :wink: (You’re welcome.)

While Keira Knightley ranks lower on the Pantented Hung Mung Hotness Scale tm, I do wonder where her nipple went in that picture.

Ah, the wonders of Photoshop…because America can’t handle the nipple.

It was not Photoshopped. Ms. Knightley told her plastic surgeon that she wanted to look just like Barbie.

Why couldn’t she have painted several layers of latex on it, then powdered it, adding no blush?