Oh poor Tan Mom .... you've got a few issues

You need to know when to bow out gracefully

She makes me feel better about myself.

I suppose it’s appropriate she got toasted at a roast in Hell’s Kitchen.

After her previous history, I’m amazed they thought giving her free liquor while taunting her would be a good idea. How could anything go wrong?

I’m sure the people who gave her the booze think the evening was a smashing success.

I can’t believe that she’s only 44 (i.e. my age).

I like this bit

My favorite part is this:


That woman is one big piece of distressed leather.

Any attention is good attention, eh Pat? :dubious:

The funniest part of her entire story, well besides the fact that she doesn’t seem even slightly self-aware of what a tremendous joke she is seen as; was when she offered herself up to Playboy (!!!) and they said NO.

I’d feel sorry for her husband the doormat, but he could leave. I really do feel bad for the daughter.

The series of pictures in that article is staggeringly awesome.