Oh well Tiger - You had a good run - New voice mails nail Tiger to wall

Re the latest voice mailsit’s astounding how a man carrying over a billion dollars worth of endorsements on his back, many of which are contingent on his wholesomeness, isn’t a little more circumspect.

No kidding. But once again, the little head over-rules the big head.

Of course, he probably has enough in the bank and investments that he could lose half in a divorce and still be able to buy Idaho.

What always surprises me about this type of thing is you’d think there would be no shortage of men or women willing to “espouse” someone rich and famous even if that included putting up with infidelity.

Tiger’s gonna keep his mouth shut, and will continue to win and rake in the bucks - whether or not he remains married to Elin. I guess this pleases me a little bit, as I have always thought of Tiger as somewhat of a jerk.

I guess I’m maybe even more impressed now with his ability to concentrate on golf and golf alone during a tournament.

Hol’ up a second, the name of the putative lover here is different than the one I’ve seen earlier, This one’s Jamie Grubbs, last time I saw news releases the woman’s last name was Uchitel. I also note the page linked to says “allegedly” - meaning Us Weekly can’t substantiate this worth a tinker’s damn.

What’s the deal here?

Yeah, you could say his mind is on his putts.

Good one!