Ok, I have to figure out a halloween costume. Help!

Ok, I’m gonna do the “dress up for halloween on a school day” thing this year b/c homecoming week coincides with halloween. The only problem is that I have to follow dress code to some extent. I can’t wear the following: [list]
[li]anything skin-tight (ugh, too bad for them)[/li][li]anything too revealing (I can’t wear a renfest outfit then unless I’m really careful and get a cloak to cover my breasteses.)[/li][li]skirts, etc. that are higher than 2 inches above the knee. (this limits my choices a bit)[/li][li]In short, I can’t look like a skank, and a “normally dressed” person is out of the question.[/li]
Please help me figure out what to wear for halloween! I’ll bring pics of the result afterwards. :wink:

This thread a while back had some good suggestions.

I, myself, am going as a perverted gynocologist. Stirrups affid to my shoulders, blue surgeon outfit with mask, and a miners helmet on my head.

I’ll be the hit of the party…

If I learned to proof-read, maybe I’d be even more popular.

That should read- affixed.

Those were some pretty funny suggestions in the other thread. I think I may just have to do a teeny bit of shopping and see if maybe a she-devil costume is applicable as a choice. :wink:

I was Donna Reed one year. Vintage dress, pearls, heals and a vaccuum cleaner made out of cardboard.

What kind of school do you go to? It just wouldnt be Haloween if you cant wear something skin tight. It kind of negates my idea, but I will give it to you anyways. You are a Domanatrix(sp?) AND, you get to drag me around as your sex slave all day.

Yeah yeah yeah I know this is self serving, but wouldnt it be great?

Get a big square box and go as Wyoming.

Swiddles, what an idea! I’m pretty sure that would go over everyone’s heads though. Maybe if I dressed like Jackie O [just got a mental image of Parker posey doing so in The house of Yes] or something like that it’d work. :smiley: Thanks.

Fnord, since you had to ask, I go to a college preparatory school. Ugh, I hate the bullshit we get, but I am getting a good education and I have some pretty kewl friends there. Um, dominatrix was an idea until I realized I’d have to have one of my out-of-school friends shadow me with a leash around his neck. I’d have an even harder time finding one who’d do that in front of people who don’t know him than finding a cheap but kewl collar. [I have a metal leash at home] Thanks.

Lawoot, :confused: I barely get that, I don’t think anyone else I know would understand that either. Though it would be fun to confuse people, I don’t to be confused also. Thanks.

Don’t know if you have any religious leanings or not but I went to a party once where it was “Come as you favorite saint” I wnet as St Bernard, you know, with a keg at my neck, floppy ears, etc. A British student with a subtle sense of humor dressed up in top hat and tails and was Yves St. Laurent. One guy was in a pink bunny suit, as St. Peter of the Cottontail. You can take it from there.

There can only be one costume for women. Playboy Bunny
End of discussion…nothing else to add here…go on about your business.

One outfit that I saw that should work: a cereal killer. Woman dressed up in a loose black dress (probably a witch costume dress) and then on that were pasted cereal boxes with fake knives, axes, etc chopping the cereal boxes open (I think she even had fake blood coming out of the “wounds”)

I have a cloak that I have yet to finish. Let me know if you need it. Black satin looking. Mine is just black but I like it that way.
Does your ren dress use a corsett or is it a chemise with an overdress? There are ways around showing to much breastesses, but they kind of takes away the full effect of the dress as I am sure you are aware.
Last year at a party I caused a fight because one of my friends girlfriends didn’t much care for him taking a picture of my cleavage.
I saw one guy dressed as Mr. Hankey the christmas poo. And one guy was dressed in overalls holding a tools. His wife dressed as a brick, and when they were asked what he was he replied that he was a brick layer.

Zyada I bet that was a sight! But what about one of your outfits? Don’t you start out with lots of veiling? That shouldn’t be too revealing.

Hey, someone you dont even know would be even better.
I need a vacation anyways.
All I would wear would be black leather, a cod piece, and the leather strap harness thingie. And I will provide my own collar. (No I dont wear one, but there are lots of places around me that do.)

I just want to see the look on your teachers and administrators faces, not to mention your friends.

Well, I’m thinking of getting a black catsuit and ears and a tail, and just going as that. I just jope I won’t get in trouble for it. But if I didn’t get in trouble for what I wore yesterday, I won’t get in trouble for anything. I think you would make a good she devil, Tasha.

I’m thinking maybe an I Dream of Genie type costume. Her costume, while sexy, was not skin tight and didn’t even reveal her belly button.

The clasics are all from Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Bring a beach towel to cover your thighs. That’ll learn 'em!

Hey, you can just go here and pick one out. It’ll be easier that way.

ssskuggiii, damn you forever for living so damn far away from DC. Among other things.

Go as the Bride of Frankenstein. And don’t tell me what you do with the breasteses. I’m not stable enough to resist the urge to jump into computerland and try to get you.

Nice kitchen, spoofe. Whatcha doin’ hiding behind everyone?

Paddy, sheeesh. I suggest you go to renfaire down here if you want to know about the breasteses thing. Hopefully I will be working for a part of the faire where I shall get tips. :wink:

Thanks for the suggestions. I think, with enough help and some creative shopping next weekend, I shall be a she-devil. All I need are some fun red clothes and borrowing jessica’s horns.

Hey, my kitchen ain’t half that nice. And I’m behind everyone 'cuz I’m taller than almost everyone else (almost).