Ok, Somebody Has To Say It ...

The reason why you have to explain the essence of newbieness every month is because every month there are new newbies. Hey, it’s the definition of newbie. And you must enjoy it, you do it so often.

Posting to a question you know nothing about is not a trait found only in newbies. However, if an established poster says something stupid (especially if he is liked) no one calls him a stupid newbie. Or a troll. No, when an established poster says something stupid, he not personally attacked, just his stupid post is.

Your right. Sucking up is much appreciated on this board. You can get away with saying really stupid things if you preface it with: I so enjoy your post DoperX, they always make me laugh/cry/think. Why, just the other day, my friend told me about her friend who microwaved her poodle.
Just look and see how gently DoperX exposes that newbie stupidity.

This board is freakin hard on newbies. The longer a poster is here, the more sanctimonious they get. There are cliques and personal conflicts. Woe unto the newbie who innocently steps into the middle of someone’s personal fight. Even in MPSIMS.

Don’t you think it says something about this board when, every other week, a newbie complains about the rough treatment they get? You don’t have to be new to be a jerk. There are plenty of established posters who are jerks.


Amen, brother!

I’ve been around here for about 6 months now, but I have a relatively low number of posts. I post when I think I have something to add, and I lurk the rest of the time. But I’ve found that lately I’ve not been enjoying this board like I did before. There seems to be a bunch of unwritten “rules” that apply to some posters but not to others. Or they apply some of the time, but not always. There seems to be a posse of posters that have taken it upon themselves to be the enforcers of these “rules”. Just hope you don’t get in their way. Honestly, it’s gotten tedious trying to figure it all out.

Yeah, I’ve been around for several of the monthly “mean oldies treat newbies like crap” posts. But usually, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

And as for sactimonious posters, this thread includes at least one. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out who it is.


What Newbie was bashed for a low post count?


Can we have a link?

It sure is hard to change, or even evaluate, one’s behavior if one is never given examples of that behavior. Please, please, someone post some examples of “newbie bashing” or post-count bigotry? If there’s as much as y’all say, it shouldn’t be hard to find examples. At least then I’ll be able to see what to avoid in my own posts. Thanks!

Kepi, you mentioned:

Hmmm. You might want to watch that. Firstly, you posted immediately after Tom, and I really HOPE you aren’t calling him sanctimonious. Secondly, the tone of your barely veiled accusation is awfully close to the pot calling the kettle black. Why not just say it outright? “Andros, I have found that you are guilty of being X.” As it is, everyone in this thread with more posts than you will assume you were referring to them . . . or was that your intent?

Couldn’t have been refering to me…

Yes Brunetter, we were all newbies once. There’s no need to point out the obvious.

Newbies are going to be treated like shit; there’s no getting around that. Whether its at your new school, your new position on the football team, your new job, or, yes, even on your new message board. It’s just a fact of life, but more importantly, one of the perks of being a veteran.

I’ve only been around since April, so I’m still new.

At first, I felt a little ignored.

Nobody had a go at me, and hardly anyone has still.

This “newbie” bashing stuff just doesn’t happen. A few usernames with a handful of posts get jumped on because they are widely suspected of being banned posters returning with the sole intent to make trouble.

It is easy to avoid being confused with these people.

  1. Read a bit before you post. (okay, I have 300 in 2 months, I’m a hypocrite.)
  2. Post answers in GQ, GD, MPSIMS or IMHO rather than start judging who’s right in a fight you don’t fully understand.
  3. Don’t start too many threads for a bit. In particular, don’t start threads or post exclusively to the Pit. I might just be game enough to start one now, but only just.
  4. Don’t get sniffy if people seem to ignore you or if they don’t take what you say as gospel.


For the record, Tom made his post while I was composing mine. By no means am I implying that he is the sanctimonious poster to which I am referring.

And maybe sanctimonious isn’t the correct word for this specific poster. (Heck, if you re-read my post, you’ll see that I can’t even spell sanctimonious correctly!) Maybe the word I’m looking for is arrogant. Or maybe the word is offensive. Or perhaps it’s just plain-ass rude. I’ll leave it up to you to determine who it is and what the best adjective would be. But don’t expect me to name names. I don’t have the desire to defend myself against the “posse” that most certainly will jump to this person’s defense.

I’ll sit back now and wait to be told which of the unwritten “rules” I have violated with this post.

One of the posters in this thread is an obtuse ass. Or, perhaps they are a mealy mouthed coward. Or perhaps they are a swell guy. I’ll leave it to you to decide who I am talking about. Or, if indeed I am talking about anybody. And, if so, what it is exactly that I am communicating, if anything, about this person, if indeed that is what I am discussing.

I hope that clears the air.

Hey, I’m new here… have yet to be bashed. It wouldn’t bother me if I was, simply because it is the nature of the boards. Years ago, I was a very regular poster on another popular board… I posted, I flamed <and was damned good at it, I might add>, I GOT flamed <but good a few times>, I got wrapped up in the whole thing and took any insult that came my way completely personally. Then I grew up and realized it for what it was/is. Then I come in here and I’m thought of as a “newbie” again. I think it’s funny :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been posting on boards and doing this when alot of these people were in grade school!
When you do this for awhile you realize that MOST of the time it’s not a personal issue. Some people pick to be mean, get attention and get a few LOL’s at peoples expense, some pick because they have no life, some people pick because the issue is heated and they get passionate about their beliefs.
I back what Tech said… If you come on here with guns blazing, start making personal insults and make an ass out of yourself… well… your going to get what you give. If you feel strongly about something and don’t like being bashed, either shut up or bash back. People will respect you if you stick to your guns and stand up for your beliefs. If you can’t take it… well… either don’t give or don’t post.

If you come on and you read the posts, let people get to know you, give your opinions and are at least halfway intelligent you shouldn’t have a problem :slight_smile:
You must keep in mind my fellow “newbies”, that most of this group of people are like a family. They know each other, for the most part care about each other, they hang out with each other IRL. You can either slowly become part of the family, or be one of the people who drives by on a scooter sticking their tongue out and throwing rocks in the front window. Odds are, someone is going to come out of the house and kick your ass :wink:
I’ve only been here a few weeks and I have met some outstanding people and have made some really good friends.

<steps down, grabs my soapbox and exits stage left…>

Well said, GreenEyes.


Perhaps you missed my point. By saying “one of you is a yak-felcher,” you have managed to insult not one but many.

Kinda like walking into a crowded bar and yelling “I fucked your sister and she was wordse than your mom.” I suspect more than one person might be annoyed with you, right?

If you have something to say, say it. If you can back it up, you’re golden. If you can’t, yoiu’ll be expected to defend yourself. That’s pretty simple, right? If I say, “Dubya is a cokehead,” I’d better have proof or face those who will disagree with me, possibly vehemently.

And as for

Martyr much?

OK, Newbies also make a couple more mistakes> One is not understanding that people can’t see your face or hear your inflections when you type stuff, thus, something that is (to you), a wonderfully sarcastic remark, is taken literally. I did this, AND got flamed (with justif) BUT when I explained, the “oldster” apologized & explained also.

Next is posting in somewhere like GD, and saying something like “Since fact “X”, conclusion “Y” is true”, and then not being able to back up fact “X”> Man, will you get toasted for THAT (and with justif). But if it is “your favorite ‘…’” or “least favorite ‘…’”, there is rarely any need for cites. This is very safe for newbies. There are plenty of safe ways to make your opinions heard, and run your post count up, without getting your nostril hairs singed.

And, once you know your way around, and can post with assurance- the post count “number” is meaningless. There are those with counts in the few hundreds who are better posters and more of a positive influence here, than some whose count is in the 4 digit range.

I think that Techie, Lex, and some other people have made good points, but I’d like to add something. Participation in this board doesn’t mean that you have to register and immediately start a bunch of new threads. It’s a lot easier to get acclimated to the board by reading and posting to existing threads. You’ll get a better idea of the individual personalities of the board members, so if someone DOES give you grief about your newbieness, you might already know that they’re paranoid about trolls or just a cranky bastard or whatEVER, and can deal with them or ignore them as you see fit. Also, regs will get used to seeing your name, so they’ll stop thinking of you as a newbie.

The important thing to remember here is that the regs do NOT act as one. If you get jumped on, don’t get so defensive that you think it’s a “me vs them” situation. It’s usually not. No one poster can speak for the rest of us. Also, provided you’re not acting like a jerk, you have as much right to post here as any of us do. Those that are so territorial about the board that they won’t give you a chance are NOT the majority by any means.

Another thing to keep in mind if you feel ignored is that very few people are going to post just to say, “Yes, New Guy, I hear THAT!” or “New Person, you are clearly witty and intelligent. Will you be my new best friend?” Sometimes, if you don’t get any responses, it’s because people agree with you but have nothing to add. While it can be frustrating, it’s better than threads that are half-responses, half “me too” posts.


What makes you think I didn’t mean it as a compliment?
(Yeah, right. Guess I shoulda said “picayune”?)

Brunetter- I think part of the reason that newbies get jumped a lot in the Pit is because that’s where the most troll activity and paranoia is. All trolls tend to be newbies, ergo people assume (wrongly) that all newbies are trolls.

I think some of the reasons stated already pretty well sum up the situation- there’s a distaste for “Me too” posts unless some good witticism or insight is present, but there’s always room for “you’re wrong”; ergo, any post made is much more likely to have a “go to hell” response than a “say, I agree with you” response (the Pit and GD being very good examples of this). Thus comes a feeling of being beseiged, as you only see the people who violently disagree with you, and never those that silently nod their heads in agreement. (This is part of the reason that I don’t venture much into GD. I’m insecure enough without people yelling at me that I’m an idiot because I don’t completely agree with them upon all issues.)

Oh, and by the way- don’t worry about Kepi’s comment. I’m the sancitmonious poster, it’s just that Kepi decided to show off his prognosticational abilities. Damned good at it, too.

It was somebody like Mark Twain or Andy Rooney or some such observer of the human condition who said that you never fail to irritate somebody by sitting down in the empty chair next to them, a right to which you are perfectly entitled. A Newbie by its very presence has sat down in the empty chair and some people who were there first get irritated. Threatened? Demanding recognition? Pathetic losers? Ya nevah know.

Hmmm now… did they simply sit in the empty chair next to them or did they sit down, pick their nose and flick their booger at the person to their right? :smiley:

If a Newbie just wants to raise his post count, just do what I did… start your own worthless, waste-of-time, crappy thread that’s definitely going to draw a crowd… just like me! I was in Threadspotting! And it’s probably one of the biggest threads to ever grace GD or IMHO! Go there now!

Man, it’s shameless the way I advertise that thing… but, just like Esprix and his Gay Guy threads, I’m DAMN proud of it!


First, I want to apologize for the double post. Not really sure how it happened, but I’ve asked Lynn to delete it.

Second, I want to apologize for my vague reference to a poster whom I think can be arrogant, offensive, plain-ass rude, and, yes sometimes sanctimonious. This is my personal opinion of a particular poster and that causes me to typically dismiss most of what they have to say. However, I still have no desire to get into a flame war with this poster or their legions of defenders, because frankly I don’t care enough.

But my point is that most of the regs on this board will put up with behavior from another reg that would cause a newbie to get ripped six ways to Sunday. According to the Terms of Service we all agreed to when we joined this board, there are about eight rules we are asked to follow:

  1. Don’t be a jerk.
  2. Don’t post material which is knowingly false, defamatory, abusive, vulgar, profane, etc.
  3. Don’t post copyrighted material.
  4. Abide by the wishes of the board moderators.
  5. Limit proselytizing to the GD forum.
  6. Use only one screen name.
  7. Don’t vandalize the site.
  8. Don’t post ads, chain letters, solicitations, etc.

The unofficial rules enforced by the SDMB Posse:

  1. Don’t ask a question in GQ unless you’ve exhausted all other resources (e.g., web searches, Cecil’s column, etc.) first (unless you have X number of posts or have been a member since X time).
  2. Don’t make a statement - fact or opinion - if you don’t back it up with a cite (unless you have X number of posts or have been a member since X time).
  3. Don’t whine and moan about how things are done around here (unless you have X number of posts or have been a member since X time).
  4. Don’t insult other posters (unless you have X number of posts or have been a member since X time).

Any violation of the above rules will result in a Pit flame of epic proportions devoted to the unfortunate violator. New rules can be added at the whim of the Posse. Is it any wonder that newbies sometimes feel jumped on for doing something that regs do all the time?

No, I don’t feel like a martyr. Just a few observations I’ve made during my time here.

And any of you who claim that these unofficial rules don’t exist can bite me.