OK, whadja get?

The SO got me The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Complete Series

My eyes lit up like a five-year-old’s. :slight_smile:

She also got me a breakfast sandwich maker. I’ve made us ham-and-egg-and-cheese muffins, and they were good.

My boss gave me a huge box of Russell Stover chocolates, and she gave the SO some scented candles.

Gift card for REI from a brother, which I’ve used to pick up a lightweight, sleeveless shirt and some shorts for hot yoga classes. I’ll find out Saturday what I got from my kids.

Finally got some decent mechanics winter gloves so I can hopefully work on metal things that need work in the garage in cold weather.
Now, I just need something to break to try them out. :wink:

Wireless headphones, a wireless bar speaker, a tiny pink Polaroid camera, and a 23andMe kit to have my DNA sequenced.

My husband is a good gift-picker.

Niobium. Zinc. Cobalt. Cadmium. Platinum. Manganese.

I’m collecting the elements, you see.

Pair of Adidas Samoa shoes.

Dr. Strangelove Blu-ray.

Univ. of Alabama long sleeve shirt.

A new graphics card, which I’ve actually been using for a few weeks already.

Also, going to see Into The Woods this weekend, and probably a nice lunch out.

I got him a book, The Andy Cohen Diaries, because he loves Bravo and Housewives and Watch What Happens Live. I made sure to handle it with gloves on so I didn’t absorb any of the vapid. :smiley:

We got ourselves the Adam West Batman Blu-Ray set, which my husband is so excited about, and Jawbone Up Moves. Our baby got enough damned clothes to outfit an army. And things that beep and shit.

I’d have thought that the baby would be doing enough of that on its own.

I got:
a couple of belts (my old one was way too big, and was wearing out),
a pair of puncture-resistant all-weather bike tires,
some sort of towel thing which is supposed to help with keeping cool in summer and which I therefore won’t be able to try out for months,
an Aldi gift certificate,
and a copy of the first Harry Potter book translated into Latin.

Oh, cool. Are the spells in English?

I bought myself a guitar a couple of weeks ago. My gift to the wife was to play Christmas songs on it. We don’t exchange gifts at Christmas (or on birthdays or anniversary, for that matter), so this was fine for both of us. My oldest son and wife sent us a Harry & David food tower. That’s pretty much it.

San Francisco Giants shirts! Two of them, one T and one sweat. Go Giants!

SimCity (I lost my original copy), a movie gift card, a book gift card. And money.

I made out.

Courtesy of my brother I am posting this using my brand new Acer Chromebook. Instead of single-finger poking the tablet screen I have a real actual keyboard to type on!

Hee, that was my thought.

Snowshoes. His and hers.

I got the usual bunch of gifts like bath things, lotion, gift cards, baking and candy/chocolate. But I got 4 gifts that just really made me happy. I collect the Red Rose Wade frog figurine. Whenever I see one I quickly buy it. I only have (had) 4 of them but my brother bought 4 of them on ebay and sent them to me.

A coworker got me Jasmine pearls tea and a gorgeous knitted cowl that I mentioned I really liked. My mom got me the snowman pandora charm for my bracelet.

And actually the gift that I got from the SDMB exchange was awesome. Things from the Morehead Planetarium and Science Centre. A t-shirt with the night sky on it and in the dark the constellations glow. There was also a tote bag with all the planets on it and a planisphere that I am super excited about.

I made out like a bandit.

A pair of cargo pants. All my work pants have multiple large holes.

I have been tempted by the dark side, and my wife and kids bought me a Surface Pro 3

A set of leveled German children’s readers, since I’m learning basic German for fun and my family thought it would be enjoyable if I had some real books I could actually get through (they were right). A DVD set about famous crimes and scams from Great Courses, which is quite a mishmash of things from Jack the Ripper to blood doping in sports to the murder of the Romanovs. A fancy pen set. $200 cash and an Amazon gift card. And a metric ton of truffles, most of which have been devoured by others since I’m not really a big candy person.

The timing isn’t exact, but I’m getting myself a new car next week … unfortunately because I totaled mine last week.

*Wohin geht Peter?
An den See.

Wo ist Monika?
Im Boot.*

Ah, high school…