Okay, I admit it I miss...

Argent Towers (aka Tours D’argent). I wonder how he got on in the UK. I think he has pretty strange notions about certain things but this place is worse for not having him here.

He was coming to the UK? I always liked having him around, even if he sometimes seemed to be contentious for the sake of it (not trolling per se, just trying to be that little bit more inappropriate than necessary).

Yeah he posted before about visiting the UK with his father I think.


I miss the guy a lot. He always has something interesting to say, and he’s got a real depth of knowledge about some very particular things. He’s usually pretty pleasant, and he’d fight a good fight when it was fightin’ time, so the entertainment value was high.

It’s unfortunate that he wound up leaving the board over a book recommendation.

Sometimes he was entertaining, sometimes he was tiresome; but hey, isn’t that the kind of personality that makes a community and community?

There are lots of folks here I disagree with, but if what I wanted was all “people who agree 100% with norinew 100% of the time”, I’d just sit around talking to myself. . .

I was wondering last night where he’d gone.

I sent an e-mail to the address in his profile. Don’t know if he will respond. Why don’t you send one too? Time has passed. Things change.

I didn’t think he needed to leave over that brouhaha, either. He said something silly, he recognized it was silly, that was the end of it for me. Maybe he’s just having a cooling off period.

Have done done. I’ll mention if I hear anything.

Maybe he changed his username again. Anonymously.

linky-link for those of us who missed this?

It was a book recommendation to a younger person that pushes the edge a lot in the sexual but only literary sense. I didn’t think it was that big a big deal although I would haven’t done the same because I am a parent. We have all done stupid things that are regrettable. If everyone that made a mistake like like that was burned at the stake, we we would just be a world full of ashes. I wish he would come back as well.

Argent Towers was [thread=552422]pitted [/thread] for recommending Hogg to Curtis LeMay. There was also an interval name change, so he’s called Tours d’Argent in his posts, - the collateral damage started to involve Agent Foxtrot, so AT became Td’A. Unfortunately, the thread sounds more entertaining than it is - it’s mostly a wreck, and the upshot seems to be the loss of a solid Doper.

I miss him too. He was an interesting, intelligent, and prolific poster.

Argent if you are out there, please come back!

WTF? That pointless pitting made him leave? I’ll miss the guy and hope he posts again. He has a lot of idiosyncrasies which apparently rubbed people the wrong way, but he was always interesting.

What’s even sadder is that I doubt Curtis is even a child, and even if he is he comes across as way too closed minded to ever read a book like Hogg so it’s not like any real crime was committed.

I’d like to join the chorus - come back Argent Towers! We miss you!

I would have left, too, if I had been treated the way he was in that thread. I don’t blame him at all.

Geez what a trainwreck. Don’t let that keep you away from here Towers. Get back in here!

That thread is not the reason he left, according to him, in that thread: