Okay, I admit it I miss...

I don’t think it was reccomending the book so much but then when Curtis told Towers that his (Curtis’s) parents probably wouldn’t approve it), Towers told him to lie and read the book anyways. Trainwreck ensues.

Can’t say I blame him for wanting to take a break. (Even if that isn’t the reason he left)

Fair enough. I just hope he comes back before we have a armor-related crisis, or some other desperate need for medieval and renaissance paintings.

Somebody start a thread asking a question about Barry Lyndon.

Another of Towers’s interests?

Google “barry lyndon” " argent site:http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/

Maybe he should have stuck with that instead of Hogg.

Well I thought that he was a bloody good bloke myself, its a shame that he’s no longer around.

Was he barred or resign or what ?

I’ve been away for a while so I’ve not kept up.

Sorry to D.P. ,just read the Pit thread, it sounds like he was a trifle unwise but I still think that he’s a bloody good bloke.

While we are airing linens I think he is mistaken about Rhodesia. I still want him to come back to the SDMB.

Put me down for a couple of cases of “please come back”.

And bring some pie whilst you’re at it.

The only thing I really remember about him is his obsession with that loathsome book. The only reason he stands out in my mind is that for a long time he brought it up all the time, even in threads it really had no connection to.

So I guess I’m the first to say good riddance?

Argent was an annoying little snot who didn’t care that he was an annoying little snot, making him a hugely annoying snot.

One of the few times the weasels at the snark board got it right.

Wow, I saw him mention Rhodesia once, in a rather odd way (sort in a “giving an example of a random country” way), and I had the feeling that he didn’t realize the implications in referring to Zimbabwe as Rhodesia. But a quick board search shows me that he knew exactly what he was talking about. Disgusting.

I don’t miss him, and I felt that way before I found this thread.

Check out the glorious wreck of [thread=544874]Was Europe (1500-1789) a Black Civilization [/thread] by the late, great, Egmond Codfried. AT / Td’A chimes in around post 136 with a collection of portraits from the period.

I’m in two minds on the guy - on the one hand, we share interests like armour and the like (although he could be a bit of a smug prick about his “expertise”, it was only occasionally), on the other hand - he was an unrepentant recolonialist, and that just isn’t cool, man.

I echo **Justin **and Kyla. I think the board’s better off without him.

I don’t remember reading a single thing hes ever posted that I agreed with, ever. I was often stunned at how misguided his ideas, philosophies, and approaches were. To me he reeks of youth, inexperience and naivete.

That said, he was always respectful, calm and reasonable, and presented his ideas in a measured way. In that respect he displayed a great deal of class, IMV.

I think hes earned the right to be here.

You’re talking about Argent Towers? Really?

Wow. I knew he was “eccentric”, but that’s just sick.
ETA: that Codfried thread was a hoot and a half.