Okay -- so who *does* have the most Posts and Threads?

In Lurkers: Say something (started 06-15-2011, 09:18 AM) and in this post the question was asked:

I have no doubt that this question has been asked and answered before, perhaps more than once, and perhaps recently. But as that distinction can potentially shift from Poster to Poster and from Thread Starter to Thread Starter, I’d like to know who currently holds that distinction.


I know it’s not me! :slight_smile:

Diogenes The Cynic is over 57,000 posts. I don’t know how you’d find most threads started.

It might be Dio. I just looked, and Guinastasia is only in the 40k range.

I’m about 90% certain that there’s some website that does a reasonable job of searching SDMB for all sorts of fun arcana and trivia. In the search for it, I have run across some fun threads that I’m putting here for others to explore if they like:

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04-13-2004, 12:16 AM

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10-05-2000, 09:02 PM

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06-02-2004, 11:42 AM

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It’s for sure not a new question:
Here’s some Google help on the issue

Post per day or total posts? Threads started, number of threads posted in, or highest average number of posts in a single thread?

Gots to define your terms, people. :wink:

I bet I’m pretty high up there in posts per day, especially if you subtract out the year or so I didn’t post here on self imposed hiatus. What can I say? I read fast, I type fast, I have a lot of opinions and I’ve always got the Dope on at least one tab while I’m reading or studying elsewhere online (in related news, I’m up to a consistent 98+% on my nursing test preps! :wink: )

Well, actually it would be fun to have all those measures if they could be obtained with some amount of ease.

But if we want just one or two, let’s say Totals Posts and Total Threads Started.

gives recent numbers. Is there a way to tweak that to go further back in time, or to do an All-Time measure?

After a manual search through profiles, guided somewhat by those threads above, here are some of the contenders for Most Posts:

Diogenes the Cynic
Join Date
Total Posts
Posts Per Day: 18.01
Last Activity: Today 01:23 PM

Join Date
Total Posts
Posts Per Day: 14.74
Last Activity: Today 03:03 PM

Join Date
Total Posts
Posts Per Day: 15.67
Last Activity: Today 02:56 PM

Join Date
Total Posts
Posts Per Day: 11.46
Last Activity: Today 12:16 PM

Join Date
Total Posts
Posts Per Day: 10.27
Last Activity: Yesterday 12:12 PM

Johnny L.A.
Join Date
Total Posts
Posts Per Day: 9.60
Last Activity: Today 02:35 PM

John Mace
Join Date
Total Posts
Posts Per Day: 12.86
Last Activity: Today 03:57 PM

Join Date
Total Posts
Posts Per Day: 9.31
Last Activity: 07-30-2010 03:57 PM


Those “Last Activity” grabs were accurate at the time, probably no longer.

Except for Liberal who was last here nearly a year ago, I stopped capturing the Under-40,000 group.

If you locate others in the Over-40,000 group, consider posting their stats.

Now, what about Thread Starters? :slight_smile: