Who Has The Most Posts On The Dope? [Top 25 list inside]

Well? I do realize that some of us are guests and post counts aren’t listed. I used to think Dio had the most. IIRC he had something like 50k posts before being banned.

I am thinking ReallyNotAllThatBright might be tops. He’s got over 42k posts.

Is there an easy way to find this out?

Well, whoever you are…I’m coming for you!


Gee… last time I thought about it, it was Guinastasia with 12K.

Obviously I hadn’t thought about it in a while.



Marley by a mile.

You may be right (I may be crazy!)…I just checked and he’s got like 62 thousand posts. So is that the consensus, then? There’s not a more prolific poster out there?

Maybe if we discount moderators…

I think it might be me, not that I’m really keeping count.

I doubt there’s anyone with more than Marley23… I checked in September 2010, and the top five I could find then were Diogenes the Cynic, Guinastasia, Liberal, Marley23 and BrainGlutton.
Guin’s only got aroun 43K, Liberal hasn’t posted in about two years and only has 39K. BrainGlutton has over 55K, and the now-banned DtC has over 58K.
I doubt anyone else has over 50K.

I knew this thread would bring out the sneak-braggers!


How did you do that? Did you just check on posters that you already knew had pretty high post counts or is there some way to sort a list of posters by post count on the board software? I’d be interested in that.

Handy used to post like crazy when he was here. I think he had something like 80,000 posts by the time he got banned.

I’m actually kind of glad it’s not me. I think it was for a while, but that was an indication of dereliction of other duties. To have fallen behind means my priorities are nearer what they should be.

There has to be an easy way to do it with the vB software, but it’s probably an Administrator function only.

Extremely manually. For example, in Sep 2010 I found 32 users with more than 20K posts, but I missed Mangetout.
It was a heck of a lot easier to compile lists like this when everyone’s post count showed in threads. Back in late 2007, I compiled a list of almost 300 users with over 5K posts.
I had much less of a life back then.

handy had only 17495 posts.


Good Lord! How do you approach 100,000 posts and then get banned? Well, if Dio can get banned at 50k plus posts, I guess anything is possible. What happened to handy? Did he just melt down?

Nonsense! There is only this life! There is no real life outside of borg the board!

I hope an admin wanders over and gives us say, the top 40.

LOL, how did Nemo misconstrue 17,500 to be 80,000?

Has anyone ever had more posts than Marley has now, or is he the all-time champ?

Bearing in mind that until very recently the Admin didn’t know the purpose of the User CP button, I’d consider it very unlikely they could perform even the most rudimentary of searches.

It’s trivial to sort by postcount if you have access to the memberlist.

If you turn on the member list functionality you can just sort by number of posts. It’s trivially easy.

The standard ten percent discount moderator? Or were you looking for more?