OkCupid: I signed up

NSA sex? She’ll tap you AND your phone?

Some women will tap anything.

Yeah… for a price! :smiley:

I think it varies a lot by region. OKC skews young, but in my city it’s used by pretty much everyone. The pay sites are rumored to be a better place to find marriage minded folks, as there is an investment involved. But that may not be true in reality.

So, someone messages me and in her profile it states:

44-90? Fucking 90? What are you a Playboy model and Hugh can only get it up once a year now or something? 90! It blows my mind. And that’s about all it’s going to blow. Weird shit.

ETA: BTW, the rest of her profile was pretty normal, except we are at loggerheads with religion, but she’s not fanatical, so there’s hope. But 90? I messaged her back. Stay tuned.

Yeah but what’s her stance on strap-on dildos?

We’re going to save that for the second date.

Taking it slow, huh?

This board doesn’t do images. We’re all about the text. :slight_smile:

I’m old fashioned that way. No anal penetration with lubed-up heated vibrating silicon butt twisters till the second date. My mummy raised me properly.

You seem to know an awful lot about strap-on dildos, my friend. :smiley:

Ummm, I’m not really sure I want to ask this, but what the 'ell; are you on the giving or receiving end of the above? :eek:


Totally. Clearly a joke. Nobody uses lube these days.

So, I get messages from two seemingly interested gals. I message them back, and nothing.

What’s that all about?

Ain’t up to snuff, player.

I like you Clockwork, but you’re not adding anything here and frankly you’re not as cool as you think you are. Please stick to threads where your snark is appropriate.


Chalk it up to experience. Move on and keep on keeping on.

OK, I’ll rephrase my answer without the snark. Of the thirty men they messaged your responses weren’t as interesting to them as the responses of the guys they’re talking to right now. There’s no insight to glean from it other than to keep trying.

Could be anything. One pattern is that people get bored/drunk and go on message binges, and then later on lose the momentum to follow up.

And sometimes things change in people lives. Maybe they are following another prospect that seems promising, or they got real busy at work, or they just decided to put dating on hold for a whole.

Don’t think too much of it. Remember the ratio- not all messages will lead to dates.