(Old) Ain't gonna move no more in the MMP

Morning, mumpers! It’s currently 15c/59f with a predicted high of 17c/62f and cloudy. Weather app says “Are you tired of talking about the fucking weather? I’d be more than happy to tell you all about my fucking extreme anxiety.” No, weather’s fine with me!

I’ve seen them a couple of times before, they’re very good…although this one has to be my favourite: The BadPiper

That is very good news, and seems totally right to be offering them extra helpings of food if they need to put a bit of weight back on. Our Shadow is in good health but a little on the skinny side so we give him all kinds of food, at his age the vet said we should just give him whatever he fancies. He obviously heard that bit.

I am sure she appreciated it very much too, sounds like a lovely way to deal with the stuff she’s had to put up with.

Oopsie Notre Dame looks fabulous!

My friends and I abandoned our usual Wednesday night pub outing as we were really struggling to find somewhere that fits our requirements and wasn’t likely to be showing football. I went grocery shopping instead, then 'im indoors suggested checking out a new takeaway place so we did that.

Today I am working at home instead of being on campus (yay! get a lie-in!) because I have to go to the whore’s pistol so it is much easier to work here and go to campus again tomorrow. I’ve got a minion meeting this morning, and then I need to work out how to get to the place I need to be because it’s not the local big hospital, and it’s somewhere I’ve never been before.

That’s funny. I’m sitting right next to about 8 of them. It seems like every time that my dad didn’t pay his bill for his main phone that he went out and bought a new one of these. I’m trying to start them all up and erase them so that I can sell them. It’s taking longer than I expect in part because I need to find appropriate chargers for each one.

It’s early. That took me a minute. :smile:

So, yeah, it’s early. Annie and I are in possession of the couch. I’m about to start working for a bit. Then I have a pt appointment and a (corporeal?) therapy appointment as well. More later when there isn’t a dog between me and the keyboard.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 73 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 92 and N.O.S. for the day. I shall go deal with stuff over to the church house this mornin’ then we shall get ourselves fed at Jack’s, as OYKW has developed a gnawin’ and a cravin’ for Jack’s fried chikin. I do not see the thrill, but he grew up in Alabammy, the home of Jack’s, so I shall indulge him. I like their burgers, so I shall survive. Then we shall return to da cave for RDOS activities the rest of the day.

JtC Even though I am more of a dawg person, I would’ve laughed at the cat slap. I am sure it was a hoot to see.

red I think Uncle Jim and I would’ve gotten along fine. I would’ve done the same thing! Safe travels tomorrow.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, bother of bothers, I suppose I must purtify and don attire acceptable for bein’ amongst the great unwashed, yet again. I’ve done this way too much lately. This must be rectified.

Happy Thursday Y’all!

Higgs is a major fart machine. Whether she’s lying down, walking, or barking, we are treated to toots. Oddly enough, tho, they don’t seem to be odoriferous, unless I’m losing my sense of smell. Tobias finds them entertaining - the boy is a fart-giggler.

Looking at a slightly less hot day today with rain tonight and all day tomorrow. Then another heat wave moves in next week, dammit. I’m watering my garden because I didn’t last night because it was supposed to rain, but it all passed to the north of us.

In a little bit, I need to make up MIL’s meds and set them aside for FCD to administer. Then I’m going to head to Lowe’s and WalMart and Food Lion, and with luck, I’ll be back by 9. I know exactly what I need at each place - hoping it’ll be a quick in, grab, checkout, go.

FCD wants to take the transformer panel with him to the marina and have the resident electrical engineer look at it before he puts it in the boat and hooks it up. We don’t need a meltdown as soon as the juice is connected. If all is well, we’ll install it this weekend.

And I’m hoping to hear from our car guy today. We dropped the car off without an appointment so we didn’t expect immediate service - they’re pretty busy. No rush for us, yet…

And so it begins - another day in paradise. Happy Thursday!!

Thank you all for the support. The first appointment went well and I will be back in every morning, Monday through Friday at 0700 until mid September. I was glad to get that spot. This way our usual morning routine can continue on.

Errands have been accomplished. Now what? I’m sure I’ll find something to do.

Mornin’ all! 8am on a gray windless morning as I start driveling. NWS sez 80/27 on the way to 90/32. The Sun is well up, but just a sorta-brighter patch in the clouds. No sign of rain here recently nor anywhere I can see. Been balconatin’ and caffinatin’ out here since about 515.

Got home last night in fine form and was up another hour-ish then to bed at the usual time. The new fake fireplace looks quite nice in the evening. Pretty underwhelming in the blazing sunlight. A noisy thunderstorm went by, but we just got the edges. Rain, not slamming.

Ex-roomie Mike was not so lucky. Last night was a Doobie Brothers concert at an open air arena. I’d intended to go until I got sick and on Tue morning told him I would not be safe around him on Wed, so I bailed out. He ended up going with a golfing buddy. They drove up there into the teeth of a monster storm and sat in the huge dirt parking lot while the whole thing turned into a pond. I haven’t heard from him yet whether the performance was canceled or just delayed a couple hours, nor whether they chickened out or braved it, but I’m darn sure it didn’t run on time. About 3/4ths of the seating is on a lawn, and of the fixed stadium chairs, barely 10% are under anything resembling a waterproof roof. Woulda been an ordeal. Lucky me to miss it. I’m almost afraid to ask him how it went.

Last night I slept well. First night in a few with no sweats nor chills, no damp bed. I’m feeling normal today, if a bit depleted. Eating well yesterday certainly helped. Planning the same today.

Awoke this morning to discover I’d not actually run the dishwasher as I’d thought. I’d loaded everything, put in the soap, and locked the door but that’s it. The start-up process is a bit different from my old one of course and seems easy to get half-launched. It’s quiet enough (and/or I’m deaf enough) that unless I’m sitting right there I can’t hear it running. Oops.

Of course I had put away a bunch of dirty items :man_facepalming: before I noticed a couple things that were really obviously unclean then really examined things more closely to see my error. Evidently I do a pretty good job of-pre-rinsing my dishes. So a now whole bunch more flatware is getting washed since I can’t reliably tell which were the dirties I’d just dumped in the drawer and which were the clean already in the drawer.

Famous last words, but BB is coming up on Fri mid-afternoon to stay for 24-ish hours. Remember this from Monday?:

Well, despite being truly most sincerely dead he found a way to mess us up yet again. She was expecting to go home Sunday morning to attend the funeral Sunday afternoon. She learned this morning there’s a funeral rehearsal Sat night she needs to attend as one of the big participants. So now she’s leaving me about 20 hours earlier than our already-truncated plans that were shortened on his behalf.

I need to wrap a couple of goodies I got for her. There have been so many aborted visits I’ve built up an embarrassing backlog of stuff to give her that I’ll need to meter carefully into the future lest it look weird or overdone.

And that’s the shape of my RDOS Thursday. Relax, build strength, eat, and giftwrap. As Calvin so wisely said: “The days are just packed!

As to y’all …

Shoe, I’m sorry you chose to have your Dad involved in anything of yours. The poets Foreigner once said:

You’re digging for gold, you’re throwing away
A fortune in feelings, but someday you’ll pay

In your case you’re not digging for gold, but your efforts to save a buck are costing you a fortune in feelings. Not good ones forgone like in the song, but instead bad ones willingly accepted. And you’re paying up front, not later.

Perhaps there’s another way?

This is from a couple days ago:

What ever happened? Was I right and they wanted to take your trailer too?

Sticky: Congrats for Mom’s B-day. Even a minor event is something.

Last night at dinner I saw an elderly woman uncertainly pushing a rollater with her 50-something almost-certainly daughter hovering behind in a mixture of helping and impatience as they made their way past me to their table. I’ve certainly been there with MIL. Anyhow, I softly said “Enjoy her while you can.” Daughter turned and smiled.

Flyboy & Metalmouse: Yeah, the trick to exercise is start slow enough not to hurt yourself. We’re a lot more brittle than we think we are based on years-ago experience. The hard part is that going slowly takes a lot of patience in the face of drudge now, reward later. Something I seem to have less of every day. I want my rewards early and often, dammit! Do not ask me how my own non-existent exercise efforts are going.

Sari: good luck w everything.

FCM: good luck w transformer panel. Meltdowns are bad. And hooray for completed errands before my ass has left my chair except to refill coffee.

Hippie: Yaay for #1 under your belt. Takes a lot of uncertainty off your mind. And agree that first thing is ideal: less disruption to your day and less chance they’ll be disrupted by problems with earlier appointments. Win-win.

Back to me:
Just saw something funny.

The golfers are golfing down below. One hit a great drive to the green on this short hole and it’ll be a maaybe 10 foot putt. I didn’t see the drive, but I look up because I hear them shouting, see them driving their carts really fast towards the green, then look to the green to see the ball sitting there in great position. Except …

It’s being pushed around by a raven who’s trying to decide if it’s edible or would make a nice nest decoration. By the time they’d shooed the bird away his 10 foot putt was about a 15. :grin: I’d never seen that before.

My traveling companion pilot pal just pinged. He’s just home from work and wants to connect later today if I’m free. All TBD, but that’ll most likely keep me out of trouble occupied for afternoon / dinner.

Now 90 minutes(!) after I started it’s waay past time to wrap this epic novel, shevel, and launch my day. I’d gotten two kinds of rabbit-covered wrapping paper :rabbit: :rabbit2: for BB’s gifts, but did not find suitable ribbon. One more try today at a Hallmark shop, and so may let the conveniently nearby Better-than-Denny’s cook breakfast.

Cheers all! Thor forth!

Good Morning all. A pleasant 78F now, but heading to 92F later today, and no rain in the forecast for a week, so watering the yard this weekend is probable. Have done the one thing on my list for today, reviewed my checking and credit card accounts, all is well but one check I wrote last month for charity has yet to be cashed, will let it hang for several more weeks then may cancel it. Shopping list for Firday is done, have to re-stock on my Diet sodas, compared Wal-Mart and Kroger and Wally’s is about $2.50 cheaper for what I want to get, but will miss out on all those 4x fuel points…middle-class problems, I know…

Swimming today as I had two straight days of pedaling due to watching soccer. Had a fairly good 1st meal, so appetite should be restrained…(yeah, right).

Hippie, glad to know things are going well and that you have a time you can work with (not so sure 7am would work for me, but hey, whatever is best for you).

swampy, now you’ve given me a gnawing and craving for a Jack’s burger and fries and it’s not on my plan before Moanday…well, plans can be changed…

red, might take your suggestion, but one thing I am fussy about is my clothes, so probably will visit Duluth Trading on the jeans and Amazon for the slacks and shorts.

shoe, we’re stuck with the family we got at birth, so hang in there.

Nettie, pretty good news on the felines. And the fleas must die!

Sari, feel for your son, that’s got to be brutal working in that heat (see doggio) but I do like that your friend is trying to get him to open up more.

Lily, that was a nice thing you did for wife-unit.

like others, it took me a moment, used to swampy’s horse-pistol reference, but I’ll have to remember that one. Hope the checkup goes well.

And will food in my belly I am content for now. Take care and have a good Thorsday.

Not really. You can’t get replacement family but you can certainly write off the ones you were issued.

It’s a damned shame any family member can be more pain than gain to another. But it’s also as common as dirt.

When they refuse to hold up their end of the be-a-gain-not-a-pain bargain, there’s IMO no reason for you to subject yourself to a beating just because of some misplaced sense of duty to something you never had: a normal relationship with them.

breaking news! costco is raising membership fees. the 1.50 hot dog/carbonated beverage combo will remain as is.

I am hungry. I’m sure you wanted to know that.

Yep. I agree. You get to choose who you associate with. No judgment intended, shoe, but I had to choose to let go of my dad when he went over the edge. It was the hardest thing that I’ve ever done. However, in the end, I realized that if he and I had maintained our previous relationship that when he passed away, that it most likely would have been the incentive that I needed to once and for all end my own life. So, I’m grateful for the very difficult choice that I made. And now I’m proud of myself for choosing to remember him as he used to be when he was sane. Ok, enough of my dramatic story for now. I guess all I’m saying is that shoe, yes, hang in there, and make the best choice for yourself that you can even if it is hard to do. Because you are the only you that you have.

Off my soapbox. Really, this time.

It’s almost time for me to head to physical therapy. I don’t think that I mentioned, but no one expects the PT to help my actual problem. According to my regular doctor who I saw the other day, too, he said that it’s most likely just a matter of ticking off the boxes so that insurance will approve an MRI which will probably lead to surgery or some sort of procedure. So, the good news out of this is that I am working on some bling for my cane! I ordered some streamers and also a [cute little fellow](wonuu Rubber Duck Toy Car Ornaments Yellow Duck Car Dashboard Decorations Squeeze Duck Bicycle Horns with Propeller Helmet Amazon.com : wonuu Rubber Duck Toy Car Ornaments Yellow Duck Car Dashboard Decorations Squeeze Duck Bicycle Horns with Propeller Helmet (Bright Rose-Light) : Sports & Outdoors) to put on the handle!

Yes, I know that the link is wonky, but it’s time for me to go. Catch you all later!

Well, the Elantra needs a new windshield. Because waaaaaay back in Ocala, FIL decided not to get it replaced (always for free in FL) and he just put some goop in the chip. But it’s a bigger chip than the state of Merrylande allows. There’s $300 we shouldn’t have had to spend. Dammit. Still waiting to hear what the brakes will cost us. Apparently, all they have to inspect are the pads, so nothing was said about the shaking steering wheel when brakes are applies. I asked them to look at the rotors. Because I can’t have my baby and my grand babies driving in an unsafe vehicle.

Always something.

I just had an over-easy egg over a Jimmy Dean’s sausage patty over toast.

Is the car insured? We just replaced a cracked windshield for no cost to us.

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to hea-
< Interwebs cease>
< Interwebs resume >
So again it was hot. Again the SSLAWS had more breakdowns than an Univiusion telenova, plus the 3G kept cutting off, which shut the whole department down. Then thee was a leaking package of epoxy on the one slide, so Dan The HazMat Man had to clean that, so we could at least have one SSLAW working.So they had to bring in like 6 people with imprinters to speed things up to a crawl, and at one point the Division Manager was unzipping bags to make dumping faster. So we got done at 0830, and they had to hold the drivers again. And the one ice machine is still leaking, and sending water into The Pit, the A/C in the Maintenance bathroom locker room is toast so they have a portable unit in there, and half the soap dispensers are busted. Our one Shop Steward retired today after 30 years. I don’t blame her.

Roomie’s first cat Beezer used to slap Gordie upside the head on general principles.

{{{{shoe}}}}. But at least he’s far enough away you won’t have to change your username to purplehorshoeinanorangejumpsuitdoing25tolife

especially after The Noodle Incident.

I had a country ham and egg mcmuffin with pepper jack. Spot also enjoys pepper jack.

Totally NSFW Clerks reference

the great furniture reshuffle continues.

on tuesday night i moved a table and 2 chairs to a new location. the location kinda works… the table isn’t the best size for the area, it works well enough.

weds night i moved the sewing cabinet, that i use as a desk, to the former location of the table. i’ll decided tonight if it works.

sometimes you have to live with something for a bit.

tonight should i get inspired, i will work on the utility closet/cat bathroom, so i can clear the painting supplies off the living room floor.

of course i should use the painting supplies and paint the entry way… i can definitely put that decision off for the week end.

Dunno about anyone else, but I’m not going to panic over an additional $5/year. :slight_smile:

Getting to be more and more of a rodeo to give Buddy his meds. He was already on antibiotics, which is now 1x/day (it was decided to switch which one he’s getting). The steroid is 2x/day. He apparently rather strongly disagrees with the lab about how sick he is or isn’t.

The campaign for a breakfast serving of canned gunk was successful for them. Yes, they’re a bit spoiled. Not that they think so, what with trips to the vet and in Buddy’s case, getting weird stuff squirted into his mouth 2x/day. :slight_smile:

In MD, you need to have a windshield replacement addendum to your policy. BIL’s deductible is $1500, so insurance won’t come into play. If they’d had it replaced in FL when it chipped, it would have been free. Instead, it falls in our lap. No clue why MD doesn’t require free replacement (which you’d undoubtedly cover with increased premiums.) Anyway, so it goes…

MIL’s sister will be relieved. According to her, that meal is nirvana.

Still waiting for word on the brakes. And waiting…

A free car, much like a pregnant cat, is a gift that just keeps giving and giving and giving … pains in the wallet.

The leftover Lyme treatment is going…ok? My feet feel less numb, but now they hurt. So I guess the nerves are coming back. Still need to be careful walking. Need to mow the lawn, but not sure if that’s a good idea.

Sorry, enough kvetching about my problems.

FCM Hoping the windshield is the least of the car’s problems, but knowing people who are like how you describe BIL, I doubt it.