Old one - English words ending in -gry

Just a quick note I wanted to post after reading this oldie… once again, the shining light of reason has demolished a perfectly good bar bet. The question is phrased, “Can you name three English words that end in g or y? Here’s two to get you started - angry and hungry.” When spoken, this leads the poor sap to think that he’s looking for a -gry word. Classic misdirection. It’s a good thing that most saps aren’t Cecil, or we’d have to pay for our own drinks more often.

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That reminds of a puzzle I read in a puzzle book once:

There are four English words that end with -dous. Two are good: “tremendous” and “stupendous”. Two are bad: “horrendous” and what?

Unfortunately, the puzzle book didn’t have the answer. I wondered about it for the next decade or so (literally) until “grep” and UNIX’s /usr/dict/words finally gave me the answer.

The book did not give the answer because it would have been superfluous.

Oh. Duh. dous.
I give.

I’ll probably regret this but:


“Yeah, you chew a little Juicy Fruit–it’s good for your soul.”


“dous” isn’t a word, in English anyway. There’s “douse”, but that doesn’t end in -dous. “Supercalifragiliticexpialodocious” is neither a real word, nor does it end with -dous. Congratualtions! “hazardous” is the correct answer.

Also, from that puzzle book: Punctuate the following sentence:

Jim where Bill had had had had had had had had had was right.

Four words Greg? I would say you need a bigger dictionary. At any rate, here are fifty or so englis DOUS words [excuse the duplicates and those with -ly -ness].

  1. diplolepidous
    2. gasteropodous
    3. haplolepidous
    4. heterolepidous
    5. macrocladous
    6. pachycladous
    7. sesquilepidous
  2. hazardous
    6. horrendous
    7. stupendous
    8. tremendous
  3. blendous
    2. cowardous
    4. frondous
    5. hazardous
    7. hybridous
    8. infandous
    9. iodous
    10. jeopardous
    11. jeopardously
    12. nefandous
    13. nodous
    14. olidous
    15. repandous
    16. stupendous
    17. stupendously
    18. stupendousness
    19. tardigradous
  4. amphipodous
    2. anarthropodous
    3. annelidous
    4. apodous
    5. blendous
    6. centifidous
    7. cephalopodic cephalopodous
    8. curculionidous
    9. deccapodal deccapodous
    10. discordous
    13. frondous
    14. gasteropodous
    15. gastropodous
    16. hazardous
  5. unhazardous
  6. amphipodous
    2. anarthropodous
    3. annelidous
    4. apodous
    5. deccapodous
    6. frondous
    7. gasteropodous
    8. gastropodous
    9. haemapodous
    12. heteropodous
    13. hexapodous
    14. iodous
    15. laemodipodous
    16. ligniperdous
    17. macropodous
    18. mesomyodous
    19. neuropodous

Cowardous? Do you mean cowardice? What dictionary did you use, Handy?


Jim, where Bill had had “had had,” had had “had”; “had had” was right.

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