Old video games that should be remade or have a sequel

So, I see they have a new Dragon’s Lair out for PC and X-Box. I never really played the original too much, but I vividly remember seeing it in the arcades. It had fantastic graphics that seemed to openly mock the lesser machines in the building. However, it did have a style of gameplay that I considered awkward at the time, so I didn’t really play it much. Still, just because of those sweet graphics I remember it a lot better than many of the machines I pumped countless quarters into.

The NES is a good system to look to for forgotten games that should be. There were literally thousands of Nintendo games and many truly great titles were never updated. Then you have the opposite situation, like the Mega Man series that has so many games that most people lost count years ago. Personally, I thought the Mega Man games were pretty played-out when they were still making them for the NES.

Anyway, my vote would have to go to River City Ransom, probably my all time favorite NES game. It was a terrific sidescrolling punch-and-kick game (something seriously lacking in today’s market). When you beat up members of various gangs (with names like “The Generic Dudes” and “The Frat Boys”), you would get money, which you could spend on so many things. You could go to the Sushi Hut, buy yourself some Pepper Steak, then run down to the newstand to get a serious book to learn new fighting techniques and a cheap novel or comic book for entertainment. And then you could head off to the showers and get to see the hero’s butt.

For a NES fighting game, there sure were a lot of stats (e.g. health, speed, dexterity, power, etc.). Some foods would increase some stats more than others. I think a couple of stats even increased a little bit when you read the comic books.

What games would go on your remake list?

Sword of the Samurai should definately be remade. I LOVE that game. It had everything…

The gold box Buck Rogers RPGs. They had really cool stories, a little campy but not too goofy. They had a very interesting game world, huge in comparison to most RPGs. They had a very cool turn based combat system, including ship to ship combat which is something they still don’t do in most RPGs.
If the graphics were updated, and the gameplay updated to modern standards (3-D maps) they could be the coolest games ever.

An old NES game called the guardian legend would be kick ass on a modern console.

a late NES game called Snake Rattle ‘N’ Roll. This game was just bizarre. The graphics were excellent for an NES game. The levels were 3D in the sense that you could move around a plane and jump up to different levels.

You were a snake (or with a friend, two snakes). Your tail’s length was your health meter, and you could only advance to the next level by eating pellets and getting a full tail (it starts the level very short). The pellets in later levels grew springs, wings, etc to make them harder to catch.

The power ups gave you a longer tongue or the power to stop time. The most dangerous enemy was a disembodied foot that could step on you.
Also the ORIGINAL Toejam and Earl game was the best of the series. Random levels, random powerups. It was awesome.

And Uniracers for the SNES. I’d love to see Uniracers Arena :smiley:

I’d like to see a sequel for Perfect Dark.

Duck Hunt!

They should make a new Zelda.




WHAT?!! You mean to tell me that that little anime depiction of a six year old is LINK?!! :eek:
I wouldn’t mind seeing an update of the old Atari game River Raid or even a new Pitfall (step aside Lara Croft.)

Second on the Snake Rattle 'N Roll.

I’ll throw in a vote for Marble Madness. Hmm… And how about Ninja Gadien (sp?). Captain Skyhawk was pretty good too.

As you wish

Actually i think they are doing a remake of sorts, for the gameboy advanced…

Okay Cisco, you granted Garfield’s wish-now howabout mine??

Sword of the Samurai…
I’ll be waiting!:smiley:

Ummm well Meatros I uhhh…well you see…Look, a bear! :smiley:

-Ninja Gaiden
-Dragon Warrior
-Super Dodgeball
-Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing
-Wing Commander

My vote goes to “Darklands” put out by microprose about 1991… it was set in the 15th century Holy Roman Empire and was pretty historically accurate for a RPG. There were plans for sequals set in other areas, France, Russia ect… but they never got made.
A sequel to Darklands given technology today would be awesome.

I still am hoping for SOMEONE to remake Legacy of the Wizard.

And the little kid is indeed Link. I can’t wait.

I was just looking on the net for a “xevious” program for my pc, or do i have to buy an arcade machine and put it in my house? (atari 1983 or so).


Unquestionably SAM & MAX: Hit the Road. Bar none the funniest game ever made. I’d kill to see a sequel.

I wouldnt mind another wing commander game, I have a soft spot for space opera “flightsims”, but maybe the pinnacle of that already was reached with the Wing Commander IV DVD version that I got with my old DVD drive.

Cainxinth, they are making a sequel to Sam and Max, it’s slated for release late 2003/early 2004.

As for me, I’d like to see a remake or sequal to the old Nintendo game Crystalis. Man, that game was awesome! Swords and spells free roaming type of game. Kind of cliche, but one of Nintendo’s best.