Olympic Beach Volleyball - Why The Half-Assed Music?

Watching the beach volleyball, what’s up with very short music snippets? Is it a concentration thing to keep the players hyped, without rocking to the tunes?

Whatever the reason, it’s incredibly annoying. I’m unwilling to watch the events because of the music, and I can only imagine how the athletes must feel. I guess there’s a possibility that some like it, but the way the music just suddenly blares out and is clipped off must make them a small minority.

Or maybe the organizers think beach volleyball is boring and needs to be spiced up? Crazy talk, if watching the women’s events… :wink:

What? You sick of hearing Europe’s overwrought “Carrie” every time Kerry Walsh makes a kill?

Yeah me too.

You guys must not like going to baseball games, either.

Because beach volleyball grew out of the beaches where there was music all the time and that stayed with it as it attracted more of an audience. At this point it’s just part of the culture, just like hearing Rock n Roll III and We Will Rock You at every football game. The cheerleader girls in bikinis aren’t really mandatory either.

They tried playing Der Ring des Nibelungen between points but after a while people began the complain about the length of matches.

At baseball games they don’t play four seconds from 50 gazillion different songs. At baseball games they use the music to actually get the fans rocking to support their team. Big difference.

I’ve just been wondering why it’s all bad pop music in English. Where’s the bad Chinese pop music?

That’s pretty much what they do with batting music. It’s not quite as pervasive as in beach volleyball, but it’s there.