Omelet Ingredients

Swiss cheese wins my filling hands-down, and recently I have been adding Balsamic Vinegar to give my omelets a little bit of a “wang”, but I am wondering what y’all add to yours to make it special?

BTW, mine are made from egg-whites only.



Spinach, mushrooms, onions and Swiss cheese. Maybe some smoked Summer sausage if I haven’t eaten it all.

My most decadent concoction, made very rarely:

goat cheese
red peppers
crab meat
Sea salt and cracked tri-color pepper


I haven’t had so much luck with my omelettes lately. I heard (via Alton Brown, IIRC) that you’re supposed to leave your eggs out beforehand so that the temperature difference is lessened when cooking.

Some feta, sun-dried tomato, and hard salami sounds good right about now.

I had a lobster omelet in Cambridge, MA once that was amazing.

Mmmmm, omelets. My favorite way to have eggs.

Two eggs, thick sliced mushrooms (fried golden brown) and grated smoked gouda. Finish off with fresh cracked pepper. Two slices of darkly toasted rye.

puts smoked gouda on the grocery list

I generally use a combination of cheeses – cheddar, Jarlsberg, and parmisian are my favorite.

I also like Alton Brown’s instructions, where you shake the pan while stirring with a spatula when you first drop in the egg.

New Mexico green chile sauce and Jack cheese

Cream cheese, smoked salmon, maybe some capers for “wang”

Bacon and smoked cheddar, with nice caramelized onions

Chorizo, cheese, salsa and guac on the side
Going to bed now so that breakfast gets here sooner.


I loves me some balsamic vinegar, but giving your omelets a wang just strikes me as wrong…

Use a whisk, for Og’s sake! :smiley:

True (Funny, Maybe) Story:

Hadn’t been to the grocery store and so the Fritch (my Mom was German) was bare except for the aforementioned egg-whites in a quart container and some Tyson Chicken Chunks and a little bit of Parmesan cheese in one of those shaker cans.

So I proceeded to fix the omelet and realized that what I was using was the egg and the chicken, and this needed to be memorialized as some kind of “recipe”, so I decided to call it “Bill’s Mother and Child Reunion Omelet”.

(I knew Paul Simon had a tune by that name, BTW)

Well, guess what?

I was soooooo dejected!!! :frowning:



Would **“ZING” ** have been a better choice of words, Qadgop?:slight_smile:

And as far as the whisk: Unless there’s something I am missing, shaking that quart container of whites seems to fluff up the omelet just fine.

My problem is I don’t know when to stop pouring the stuff into the pan, so consequently I cannot flip the omelet properly, and I get “Scambled-Egg Mishmash!”:wink:


Smoked salmon (the good stuff – the kind you could eat on its own, and not the brick-hard things they sell at supermarkets) and cheddar cheese, topped with sour cream. Add some cheap caviar as a garnish.

my fave ingredients: 7 year old cheddar and crumbled jalapeno summer sausage. Properly fried onions add a nice touch too.

Haven’t figured out how to effectively use vegemite in the omelet itself yet…

Oh, that’s easy. Just make a ham and cheese omelette and spread some Vegemite on top.

Can it be that easy? I’ll have to find out…

It works for me.

My favorite lately is leeks. Leeks & swiss, leeks & herbs & parmesan, leeks & ham & cheddar, boy I love me some leeky omelets.

Cooked in olive oil, with sauteed spinach, fresh tomatoes, and feta is good, too.

Whole sauteed green onions are nice, too, if a bit more, shall we say, “wangy.”

Sauteed green onions, sliced mushrooms add pepper jack cheese and top with fresh salsa and sour cream.

I don’t like wang in my omelet.
I usually go for cheese and mushrooms.

My most recent one was goat cheese, caramelized onions, and ajvar. Ajvar is a very handy thing to have in the fridge. Another recent one was goat cheese, green apples, golden raisins, and walnuts. Usually omelet fillings around here involve a base of some kind of cheese and sauteed onions; frequent additions are mushrooms, garlic, and red or green bell peppers.