Omg House Is A Cripple

Why is dr. house a cripple?

I predict a fruitful, enlightening future for this thread.

A question that has plagued mankind for centuries. Why, indeed, is Dr. House a cripple? Why is any television character the way they are, anyway? Why does Lucy want to be in the show? Why is Archie Bunker a racist? Why is Homer Simpsons so stupid?

The answer to all these questions is: it is the way the writers wanted it to be. Presumably, they thought House would be a more interesting character if he was crippled, so that he was. And so it is, and always will be.

A vaguely recall something about a severe blood clot which left him with muscle and nerve damage. An effective device in shaping a cantankerous vicodin addict, giving him an annoying, chronic condition which is not life-threatening.

What he said. It was explained in the series premier. He had an infarction - a blood clot. If it hits your brain, it’s a stroke. Heart, a heart attack. Lungs, an embolism. The infarction caused muscle death, hence the limp and the vicodin addiction. When the patient he explained this to asked if he had wanted to die, he said he had hoped to.

Also, it gives him to opportunity to make jokes about being a cripple. (Cameron: “New cane?” House: “Yes, the vertical stripe is very slimming.”)

They also mentioned that it was made worst as a result of a doctor’s misdianosis, making House a stickler for the proper dianosis. (which he seems to get wrong anyway)

Not just him - in one of the early episodes:

House: Are we out of Q-tips? Because I can run home and get some.
Cuddy: No you can’t.

So it can allow you to demonstrate your maturity on a messageboard.

I was under the impression that cripple was not entirely PC.

The preferred term, I think, is handicapped or disabled.

Dr. House, however, would be most likely to refer to himself as a “gimp.”

He’s not really a cripple; he’s just an evil master of disguise!

Are we absolutely sure that this “House” series isn’t just a cleverly disguised new season of “Black Adder”, cause I certainly can’t look at Hugh Laurie without cracking up. That and I keep expecting Rowan Atkinson to pop out at any moment.

While we’re on the House subject…the most recent episode…the elderly couple, sore vagina, Viagra…blah, blah, blah…What is the white haired gentlemens name?And when someone knows, I am sure to do this :smack:

Smack Away: Peter Grave from Mission: Impossible.

:smack: :smack: :smack: I KNEW that! :smack: :smack: :smack:


Whoops, that should’ve been Peter Graves.


Yeah, I don’t know, but them showing an old lady getting a pelvic exam was almost enough to make me stop watching the show. Un-PC as it may be, I just about threw up thinking of that woman’s crotch.

Worst. Football cheer. Ever.
Or best. I haven’t made up my mind yet.

What happened to handicapable and differently abled?