Omnibus College Football Thread 2021-22

In basketball its a 68 team field. And teams play 3 times as many games. Huge conferences are just broken. Iowa plays neither OSU nor Michigan. Wisconsin plays Michigan. Nebraska plays both. This is obviously unfair. I understand that in the 21st century its only about the money but can we at least pretend there is some integrity in the process?

As for what if the 2 best teams are in the same conference, so what? Unless the NCAA starts mandating/making balanced nonconference schedules this argument doesnt hold much water for me. Winner take all worked in baseball for decades.

We all saw this coming but now? USC is a mess administratively. Do they really think a coaching change in week 2 is going to turn their season around?

I don’t particularly care for gimmicky wedding proposals in public, but an FSU lineman really picked the worst possible time on Saturday.

I think Norvell is a good coach but always felt like that was a standby hire - until they get the coach of their dreams. Maybe Urban Meyer flames out and gets tired of Jacksonville.

Agreed. I don’t get firing Helton now. To be fair, Helton has had some good years, and he’s not a drunk. It’s just that USC has been very inconsistent

Excellent snark post. :slight_smile: Mr Sarkisian will be waiting for you outside.

Hey don’t get me wrong, I like Steve (Cutty)* Sark. I think he’s a great assistant; just not sure he’s cut out to be a HC.

*Sorry, I had to

I’ll see if I can find the article, but FSU doesn’t have the deep pockets that most other football schools have. Taggert was a real expensive buyout, so FSU is basically stuck with Norvell for the time being.

Taggert was never the team problem, Jimbo buried the program on his way out. Plus karma’s a bitch sometimes.

Just when it looked like the Huskers were starting to turn the corner…

Spartans showed some guts today, falling behind and coming back to paste the Hurricanes. But no score on the first play, alas.

They were impressive and their defense looks good. It was a nice road win.

This looks like the worst FSU team of my lifetime, at least since I developed an interest in college football.

What’s particularly frustrating is the insistence on beating themselves. Dumb penalties and turnovers define this team.

When does basketball start?

I gotta say, I’ve never seen an FSU team look this bad. Not trying to rub it in, but just bein real. Usually a “bad” FSU team is 5-6 or 4-7 but they’re going to struggle in every game. I don’t think Norvell’s an elite coach but the guy can coach - but he probably had no idea what kind of shit sandwich he had ordered when he took the job at FSU.

Keep your eye on Baylor. Yes, they’re a Big12 team but Aranda is a defensive-minded coach, which might give them an edge over OU

Why are so many Stony Brook players getting injured?

Man, Fresno St. scored the big upset over UCLA. Not sure how much of it is really an upset though. Fresno St. took Oregon deep into their game and can probably hang with most teams in the country.

Some of the unbeatens to date (Alabama, Notre Dame, Oregon) aren’t blowing teams out of the water like you would expect. It looks like this year may be a little more unpredictable than most and we’re in for a fun ride. Hope the upsets continue (except for my team, of course).

Alabama played a very solid Florida team, though, so no blowout was expected. Bryce Young has not demonstrated the ability to stretch defenses with consistently accurate long passes, which might be a problem as they get deeper into the schedule.

Oregon has also played pretty solid teams in Fresno St and Ohio St so I wouldn’t have expected blowouts in these games either.

Jury’s still out on ND.