Omnibus Religious Fucks in the NEWS

Hail Satan! That or maybe freezing rain.

Evil MFer thread is down the hall.

Or I suppose we could petition to have the threads merged.

I prefer them separate (and one could post the same story in both), since to me there’s an added dimension of evil stupidity when these schmucks proclaim their stupid evil is ordained by their God (who amazingly always agrees with them).

Understandable, since they created Him in their own image and likeness.

Onward Christian soldiers.

He’s blaming it on a 12 year old girl seducing him

“She was 12, but dressed like a 15 year old!”

A megachurch in Lexington, Kentucky has decided to permanently close after the senior pastor was revealed to have had a sexual “relationship” with a minor, beginning when she was 15 years old. The church had been renamed a few years ago after two of that church’s pastors, a man and a woman, were themselves behaving in an inappropriate manner, although it did appear to have been consensual.

I’d be hesitant to put ANY business, secular or not, in that building now!

Here’s a conservative Christian pastor’s take on it.

“Vengence is mine” sayeth The Lord.
“I’ve been deputized!” sayeth the Idiot Follower.