Omnibus Trolls R Us Thread

Regarding JBGUSA’s latest thread, as per usual it’s spammed around other MBs, too:



and here.

Since he’s done this before, I wonder what TPTB are waiting for. Spam is spam, be it that live streaming shite or political…

It’s cute how he has a Canada/Israel fetish and goes around claiming he’s an “NDP liberal”. Obvious troll is obvious.

It is obvious he is working on some kind of propaganda agenda, it was pointed out in this thread from June 2017that even on this board he has made contradictory claims of being different political affiliations simply to justify or put make-up on an argument. He trolls, it is very clear.

Or the pretended Left orientation here, although he is the first american left democrat (haha if you believe) who hates both your FDR and your JFK and your Carter…

it is very clear he is in fact an extreme right person trolling in a way he thinks is clever to promote his agenda by pretending to be another political color to gain acceptance. Except he is very stupid and clumsy…

it is not hard to guess at his agenda in the last spamming, the trolling is his trying to fake his way to a credability rather than making the honest argument for the social-right views he has.

They need the new Keurig Mod machine. You put a troll in one end, you get a deflated troll and an automatic ATMB thread with one button push. I don’t care what anyone says, those Keurig machines are awesome. It’s so easy even a mod with a 0 kill count could use it.

If it was me, I’d be using that thing all day long for infractions like too many posts, not Democrat enough, lives next door to a republican. Shit like that.

adaher flogging the smelly dead Clinton carcass here. I guess I could resurrect one of his own personal Pit threads, but eh he probably doesn’t deserve the extra attention.

There is nothing trolling about adaher having the opinions and the obsessions you do not like.
The confusion many here have between persons having the conservative political opinions they do not like and the trolling is boring.

Chasing the Clintons after 25 years is a harmful obsession that all too many of us consider a form of insanity. Then again, there are those who choose to do it deliberately, because they think it pisses off Liberals, in which case they ARE trolling.

‘Opinion’ ain’t got nothing to do with it. If you think that, then you’re probably the type of low grade moron who thinks that ‘my opinions = my facts’ and you spend too much time watching and listening to media that is all too happy to feed you more of the same lies.

So again it boils down to opinions you do not like from the conservative side = troll… which is a stupid use of the word.

boring and stupid.

a troll is one like the JBGUSA

Adaher having opinions or even trying to challenge you is not trolling, unless all things that are not part of some kind of american liberal safe space is trolling.

American liberal safe space trolling?

First, be careful about insults and accusing people of trolling in a non-pit thread.

I clearly did not say what you claim in your first sentence. I stated that there are people who deliberately troll with things like this because they like to make people upset.

Mere opinions I don’t like are not trolling. I may believe them to be stupid, ignorant or merely wrong-headed. But you have every right to hold those opinions as long as you don’t falsely believe, as I said above, “my opinion = FACT”.

At this point in space and time, given all of the other shite going on in the country, to go wayyy out of your way to continue to flog away at the Clintons IS trolling, sorry. I mean, here he has the freedom to post any [political] post that he wants on any topic-and he spends the time and effort to craft that one.

If you don’t think that’s the very epitome of trolling I have no idea what else to say. It has NOTHING to do with “opinions I do not like”-it DOES have everything to do with lowering the level of discourse on this board, which is the ostensible goal of many of the RW’ers here.

Dang, sorry about thinking I was in a non-pit thread. Today is not a good day for me. Couldn’t get to sleep last night, then had a night just jam packed with negative dreams and woke up with a brutal headache that is still going on.


Nothing a quick cuddle with a cactus can’t fix.


so you need your american liberal safe space…

it still does not make it trolling by him and it stupid to whine about it and raise it in a trolling thread.

That’s like, your opinion, asshole.

Accusing adaher of trolling in this case is actually being kind.

He quoted an 8 year article about an event that is now 18 years old, talking about a president that was actually impeached. I don’t know what compelled him to dredge this up but my suspicion is that there’s a russian troll snickering in his fur hat about how easy it is to jack up Americans on an hourly basis.

If adaher isn’t a troll, then he’s a fucking imbecile. Perhaps you can PM him and ask which he’d prefer we think he is.

You can have my personal ‘american liberal safe space’. I’m not using it. Be sure to shove it where the sun don’t shine, you nasty fucking nest of vipers.

I gave my American liberal safe spotto a guy in Hawaii yesterday. He was panicking looking for a safe spot thinking his world was about to end.

It is very sad how whiny some of the left people are here or how fast you run to the Russian troll idea for an established poster like Adaher. I do not even care for him very much or indeed the american right in general with their winking to bigotry but the idiot usage of the word troll for adaher is crybabying.

Holy fuck you can be a tedious, ridiculous pain in the ass, Ramira.