Once again MST3K was ahead of it's time....

Dr. F and TV’S Frank promoted a radio station…called “Frank”, ‘Turn your crank…to Frank’

Now there’s a Portland, Maine radio station called…Frank 107.5 I think the Mads should sue them, or at least set them up for some DEEEEEEPPP HURRRTING, DEEEEEEEEEPPP HURRRRRRRRTINNNGGG!..

Less talk, and more new country…

It’s part of the “Jack and Bob” trend. Radio stations are competing with people’s iPods, therefore some guy thought that stations should play a completely random mixture of crap you were sick of 5, 10, 20 or even 30 years ago. Hopefully the trend will die soon. Even a few progressive stations are using Jack and Bob promo models. Ick.

Hmmm. Maybe the Mads are already involved.


Mooooore Garth! Mooooore Reba!

That explains why the new local ‘shuffle’ station followed up ‘Saturday in the Park’ w/ the theme from ‘Golden Girls’, I kid you not.
Admittedly, TC, I like it. But that’s mostly because Detroit radio’s becoming very extreme to both the mellow and hip-hop sides.

They can’t beat my iPod. Not unless they start playing random crap from 65, 70, 75 or even 80 years ago.