One-eyed wonder cats = vicious little monsters!

We have 8 cats in our household (and 3 dogs, a hamster, and some fish… and probably a few fleas). 2 of the above mentioned cats are missing one eye apiece due to illness when they were brought in from the outside. We often times refer to them as the Frankenkitties or more commonly, the One-Eyed Wonder Cats.

So… I’m sweeping the kitchen floor today, and I hear a little scuffle on the porch. I look outside only to see Sophie (Princess Sophia Petrillo, courtesy of my little sister) man-handling a little field mouse. At first, I’m appalled – I love everything cute & furry. But then my common sense kicks in. It’ll be a quick, nearly painless death; much better than the slow suffering it would have by freezing to death outside. So I mind my own business.

About 10 minutes later, I let Stevie (Steven Tyler, the other OEWC) outside, without a thought, because she’s chasing the broom. By the time I have moved on to mopping, I’m hearing scuffling on the porch again. They are both still torturing that field mouse! Not only have they ganged up on it, but they’re just batting it back and forth, not seriously hurting it, but scaring the shit out of it! :eek:

I’d had enough. I grabbed a dog-food bowl, swatted the cats away, and scooped the little sucker up. We just happened to have a spare hamster cage with all the fixin’s, so I set 'em up a nice little home with some food, water, bedding, and such. I decided to name him Oy, but upon further inspection had to change it to Oyette(took us a li’l while to get her comfortable enough to lift up her tail :smiley: ).

I can’t help it, I’m an oversensitive wuss when it comes to animals.