One month sober

'Tis true. I had my last drink a month ago today. I can honestly say that I have no desire to pick up a drink, nor do I want to return to that absolute hell I was living day in and day out. It was a very, very dark and bleak place. Now, instead of living that sad, lonely purgatory, essentially waiting - and wanting - to die, my life is now about living, doing the best I can, and seeking happiness.

Interestingly enough, the easiest part has been not drinking. (Which is not to say that to not drink is the easiest thing for an alcoholic to do.) What’s been more difficult has been dealing with the ups and downs of my mood, and not being able to soak whatever emotion of the moment in booze to make it easier to handle.

I think I’ve been doing rather well. :slight_smile:

My lifestyle has changed dramatically, as well. I’m taking care of myself again, eating well, treating myself when I feel like it. I go to sleep instead of losing consciousness. I get out of the house - be it to go to a meeting, or just to get some fresh air. I talk to people, and more importantly, I listen.

And, along the way, I seem to have picked up a new boyfriend - who’s also in recovery.

All of this to say I am truly blessed to have this second chance at sobriety, and to be surrounded by not only the great people in AA, but everyone here on the SDMB as well. Thank you, all.

My name is Peter, and I’m a grateful recovering alcoholic. :slight_smile:

Peter, I’m so, so proud of you. I was just thinking of you yesterday and wondering how you were doing in sobriety - congratulations on this milestone. Many more to come!!

good job!

i’ve been sober for 20 years :smiley: keep at it

Peter…Glad to hear that. Good for you!

Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing…that takes a lot of guts.:slight_smile:

Well done pal!

As my daddy would say, grinning hugely and bouncing upon each exclamation: “Grateful! Grateful!”

Congratulations, scott/Peter. One day at a time, my friend.

Congratulations Peter!!!

::throws confetti in the air::

Let today (as every new day) be the beginning of the rest of your sober life!!!

Oh and cool news about the new boyfriend!

Keep up the good work, Peter. :slight_smile:

And congrats on the new boyfriend!


I did the Happy Dance at your one week anniversary, and now I’m doing the Ecstatic Dance!

Keep it up! You’re doing great! Good luck with the new sweetie!

Congrats and Best Wishes for Continued Soberity…

Way to go! I’m back to just my 3rd day today. After 5 years of going out. Strange I should just now read this. I just hung up the phone, it
was my wife making sure I would be home tonight, I promised, read your post – I’ll be home! Sober! I know it!


What a great accomplishment. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Congratulations!

Congratulations, Peter. I know firsthand that depression, whether natural or chemically induced, is no picnic. Here’s to a lifetime of sobriety! :slight_smile:

Way sweet, dude! It works when you work it, from what I hear. We are all pulling for you, even us Non-Alcoholics, as a friend calls me.

Gratz Man! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Congratulations!!! As the wife of an alcoholic I know you can do it!

YAY! I can’t relate to your experience with alcoholism, but I’m proud of you anyway. :slight_smile: Go on wit yer bad self. :wink:

Thats excellent! I think everyone’s proud of you. Changes like that are never easy but it’s always for the better. Keep up the good work!

congrats scott!

and hang in there janx, we’re rooting for you too!

Congratulations! :smiley: Wonderful news. May things keep getting better and better for you!

(And Janx, all the best to you as well!)