One night stands. Like those quickies?

In the pre-history days, I had a few one-nighters. It was so long ago I can’t remember some of them.
Sometimes I’ll be watching tv or hear a name and I’ll think,"Ah, she reminds me of such and such.)
Anyway, how do you deal with it?
If you get a #, do you call it?
Do you feel fulfilled afterwards?
In a generic sense, how did it happen and where? There was a signal. Was it a wink,a nod, a whispered "Come and get it boy/girl! What?
After time passed did a ONS turn out to be your SO?
Do you still have them, or would you if the right looking person was willing.
(Esprix, if you stumble into this,please give us your latest body count.)
That’s about it. Anything that you think might be interesting about ONSs is legal


So. 44 views and no responses. What does this mean? Fear of STDs has eliminated ONSs. Uh huh.
My SO might see this. That might be true for a few, but a true SO knows all that crap anyway.
Maybe I should start another one titled: “Why I wouldn’t answer the one night stand thread.”
Even if you never had one, you could say why you didn’t.

Ann Landers’ suggested response (when someone asks an impertinent question) is “Why do you want to know?”

I checked a few threads you’ve posted in, and you seem harmless enough. But something about the wording of your question puts me off. Maybe I’m not the only one. ??

Had one, just under a year ago.

Ehhhh… it was fun. If it happens it happens, but I’m not looking for it. Come to think of it, I wasn’t then, either, it just sorta happened.

Well, thank you AuntiePam,you seem harmless enough too.
It looks as if this thread is going to suffer a fast merciful death. Perhaps I didn’t word it right(I have a habit of that) and it is off putting.
But please don’t quote that Supreme meddler and know-it-all Ann Landers at me.(Shudder.)
I assure you there was no deep dark nefarious motive in my OP. And as for impertinent questions, maybe you should consult yourself.
Perhaps we should weed out all those impertinent posters who had the gall to foster a thread calling for anything about sex. That shouldn’t take long.
Have mercy. I did, believe it or not.

Well, I won’t provide details (I don’t even remember a lot of them. :o) I’ve had quite a few ONS’s. Don’t regret a single one. Haven’t had one in years and years, and don’t think I ever will again. Some were fabulously satisfying, some were a waste of body fluids, and some I was so drunk or high I don’t really remember them. That was then, and this is now…Of course my SO knows all that crap.

(Of course a ONS can’t by definition turn into an ongoing relationship.)

What Carina said. Fun sometimes, not fun other times.

yes, I 've had a few ONS’s over the years. I do not regret any of them, but it has been some time since last one. Come to think of it, I would like to have one now!

I’m very very happily married, but sometimes I lie awake at night and regret never having a ONS. I came close so many times and totally pussed out, either afraid of the consequences or afraid of the guy. My sexual history is odd at best…but it seems like it would have been a rush to experience that “mysterious stranger” sex that I’ll never be able to get…

…unless we have that ChiDope :wink:

Those who exist on long loving relationships wonder what ONS are like. Those who exist on ONS wonder what long loving relationships are like.

As ageless6 said, wondering for three months whether you got HIV or not is a waste of time & not being able to find the person later to find out if they have that or another STD, makes ONS pretty risky.

…which is why every ONS should be a safe one. It’s also the reason I haven’t had one in many years; the risk now outweighs the fun in my mind.

One-nighters do between boyfriends, but then again, I am built differently than most people I know, including other gay men.

Current body count is classified based on previous reactions.


Oh yeah. Lots & lots. Well, about fifteen, I guess. They’re fun & cool (but make sure they’re safe!) I was a cocktail waitress in college, so I had ample opportunities, & I grabbed most of them. No, I do NOT call afterwards, if I get a number, & I never give out my number because if I do, I feel obligated to wait by the phone. Most were great, some were just OK, only one was unpleasant.

My current relationship began as a ONS, & it’ll be 3 years for us in March. I met him at the bar where I worked, thought he was cute, my roomie was out of town, so I asked him back to my place. The rest, as they say, is history.

Been there, done that, read the Penthouse forum entry. I’m glad it happened, I’m even gladder nothing came of it, and I’d never do it again, given the current medical state of the world.

Umm… Stella… not to pry… okay, I’m prying. How exactly does a ONS last three years? Don’t you have to sleep sometime?

Sometimes, I look back on the few ONS I’ve had. I shudder only at one. (Boy, was I lonely and horny that time.) The others, I think they were great. It never started with a wink and a, Come an’ get it, boy. It always materialized from actual good conversation, and was fueled by alcohol.

Only twice did I fail to protect myself, once with a friend that turned into an ONS. Another time with a woman I met that night who gave me oral. I still consider myself lucky I didn’t get a disease from her.

BTW, maybe I can shed some insight into why you didn’t get a lot of good responses, ageless6. Perhaps if you’d shared some experiences, others would share theirs. That might be why you got the judgmental response from AuntiePam. Just a guess.

LOL, Ethilrist!!

It happened like this: the next morning, he asked if I wanted to go out for some breakfast…at breakfast I told him that it had been fun, but I had to go to Annapolis & do some shopping…he asked if he could come with me…we ended up spending the day together. We exchanged numbers & I planned never to see him again, but he called the next day, said he’d had a good time & would like to see me again. Et cetera et cetera, like a regular relationship…but it DID start as a ONS.

And every night before I go to bed I thank the Lord for America Online… :wink:


They just don’t work for me.

Maybe because I’m not all that interested in sex anyway.

But this leads to some fun.

I live in a large loft space with two other people. There’s not really enough privacy for a one night stand.

So when I was in a mischevous mood, if a guy I found attractive hit on me at a club or something, and he started to imply that maybe I should go home with him, if he seemed harmless enough I would take him to my house instead.

There was that one guy who came over and left five minutes after he came into my living space and saw five taxidermed rats with wings hanging from the ceiling, my duct-taped clone Susan Bananahands who was sitting on my bed (and reading my new comic books without my permission, dammit!), and my bones collection scattered all over the floor.

Then there was another guy who came home with me, expecting to get some, and he found my roommates watching “I spit on your grave” , only ten feet or so from the area that is known as “my room”.
He was a little nonplussed at the movie, killing any sort of romantic atmosphere, so I said
“Do you wanna play Stratego?”

He said ok, but he kept shaking his head a lot, wondering what the hell he had gotten himself into.
After Stratego (I kicked his ass!), my roommates were still in the room and we ended up making slushies and having a noodle fight.

It must have been more fulfilling than sex in the long run, because this guy is my boy now.

Turpentine, I will say your post was intriguing, if not all together comprehensible.

**…five taxidermed rats with wings hanging from the ceiling, my duct-taped clone Susan Bananahands who was sitting on my bed (and reading my new comic books without my permission, dammit!), and my bones collection scattered all over the floor. **


I don’t have them anymore because I can’t be arsed to make the effort required to pick someone up if I’m not interested in ever seeing them again. But I don’t regret the ones I had.