One post per day, or One mundane and pointless thread.

Well, I now average one post per day. How’s that for mundane and pointless? (And yes, I had to share it.)


So is your posting on the rise? I think mine is decreasing, which gives imthjckaz more time to post. My, but you are up early. Or up late?


Bon Jour, {{{{{{{Spider Woman}}}}}}}!

Up early, actually. And, considering it took me seven months to get a triple digit post-count, I’d say it’s on the rise. :slight_smile:

I’ve been up since 2:30 AM, because someone is snoring. Glad to hear you’re posting more. You always have something interesting and/or pleasant to say.

----:)/ x o x o x




Ya just blew that average straight to Hell!

Since she caused your error, Spidey should at least put out for ya.

Hey, there’s an idea. How about having a PPD scale next to each person’s handle so you could see how many posts they average a day?

Hmn, ok, so it’s not gonna happen :frowning:

— G. Raven

[side splitting laughter]

Stooooop, ChiefScott . . . you’re killin’ me!

[/ . . . side splitting laughter]

Hey, I resemble that remark!
Besides it was the first night of really good sleep, knowing that I didn’t have wake up on a saturday morning and go work.

How’s it goin’ Cajun Man ?

One post per day keeps the ignorance away.

Uh, that should be, go to work. Yeah thats it.

Pretty good, imthjckaz. We’re gettin’ ready to start a chicken jambalaya.

Well don’t you feel special? :slight_smile:

We’re all special, hypergirl. :slight_smile:

I’m special?