One week until I start new job!

I’ve been at my current place for 11 years, but we’ve been taken over and all the upheaval had me try the job market. I was lucky enough to get offered the first one I went for and I start on October 1st.

Getting excited now and am ready to start the new challenge, whilst at the same time a little nervous about integrating into a new environment - all those new names I will have to remember! :eek: Plus my daily commute will increase from 2 miles to 30 miles ( about an hour on UK roads at that time of day).

Best of luck to you.

Good for you mate !

Hope that all goes well for you !

As someone who has started not one but two new jobs in the last six months (one part time one casual, I am still working both) I empathize with the “all those names” and other integration issues. But congratulations on finding a new job!

This time next week… :slight_smile:

As I got dragged away just as I was posting last week…

Congratulations first of all and, is the new commute to the first client in the new job or to your new employer’s offices?

1st 2 weeks is an induction period at employers primary office, which will be a 4 night stay over each week, then i’ll be traveling primarily to my employers north west office with only occasional customer visits

Wishing you luck and joy in your new position!

Wow, good luck! I’d have to get a heck of a pay raise to increase my commute that much.

the site i currently work at is being sold, so i was getting a commute whichever way.

Last day!