Onion Scoops Election?

Did the Onion staff stay up all night to write their lead story, or did they unintentionally/ironically scoop it?

The online edition usually comes out arounf 4 or 5 pm on the day before the date on the issue, so yeah, they scooped it. A sign of the End Times?

It wasn’t very hard to predict that it would be a close election. Furthermore, it wasn’t hard to predict that whoever won would give a speech filled with vague political nonsense. Incidentally, I think that whatever the result of this election, anyone who uses the sentence “I have a mandate from the American people” should be slapped silly.

When I read it on Tuesday morning online, I don’t recall it saying how the election was close. The article was a satire on how identical the two candidates were. When the election turned out the way it did, it suddenly got a new meaning, and I suspect they edited the lead on it to make it more appropriate.

It looked like that at 5 or 6 pm Tuesday.


And remember that The Onion is also a real paper publication based out of Madison Wisconsin. I don’t get to Madison too often, but I’m pretty sure the paper ed. comes out a day before the online ed. So considering the time it takes to print & distribute, the article was definately written before the actual election.

I read it as a parody of how identical the candidates are, too. It’s got a whole new level of funny now, though. :smiley:

Somewhere, the ghost of Erwin Schroedinger is rolling on the floor in laughter.

Gary Trudeau also “scooped” the election with a Doonesbury strip that described the election as a “nail-biter”. But I think the Psychic Satirist Award for this campaign has to go to Al Franken who in Why, Not Me?, written months before the campaign started, named Joe Lieberman as his Vice Presidential candidate.

The way I read it, the article in The Onion is wrong. They assume Bush or Gore has won the election, when neither one has yet.