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In one of the other threads Auraseer and I both expressed an interest in playing some online games with other Dopers. I offered to collect names and games and then distribute the list so we could play some games. But the thread I offered in had gone it’s course and sunk to the bottom. If you’re interested in playing some online games with your fellow dopers email me at and I’ll organize a list and probably a game or two.

oh, and reply to the thread so that it stays on the top.

what type of games?

I’ve got to upgrade my machine before I can do any real time gaminng, at least FFP stuff like Duke.

If you guys are interested in any turn based stuff, I’m there.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I’m in, assuming you’re still talking about White Wolf games, preferably The Masquerade.

We’re talking about networked computer games, here. Stuff like Tribes, Starcraft, or Duke Nukem 3D. (But the first person to mention that Q-word will be smacked upside the head. With a brick.)

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Maybe some AOE2?

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I’m all over AOE2. Definitely.

I’ll be away from home until the 6th, but afterwards I’ll play some AOE 2 or Mechwarrior 3

Magnificent to behold - Greatly to be praised.

Just email me what games you have and I’ll put them all together. I either own or can get almost any multiplayer game you can think of so as long as you can convince me it’s worth getting almost any game is possible. And I can get people from my dorm to play too. We’re very bored here at college and this would be better than having my dormmates drunk.

I haven’t played Starcraft in a while, but I’m willing to brush up on it. Anyone here have Starfleet Academy?

Unfortunately, for those of us running Linux that “Q” word is about all that we have. (Brick hits the side of my head. Ouch).

Ok, I guess I could boot Win98 occasionally. What do you have in mind? I’ve got Civ: Test of Time if anyone wants to try that.

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I’m willing to play some of that dreaded “Q” game. You’re just lucky that Quake 3 runs on your system. The Linux version informed me during installation that it would only run on 3dfx chipsets. I have a Riva TNT card. Don’t think I forgot about all of you, I have suddenly (through procrastination) become inundated with school work. In a couple of days I’ll have the free time to mail all of you back with some times that I’m free to play.

I’ll kick ANYONE’S ass in Scrabble…

Okay, I take that back… But I am pretty darn good! I go to a Telnet site to play… If anyone is interested (any NSA members in the house?) e-mail me!

Yer pal,

Satan - you’re on for Scrabble - I’ve been playing with the computer; I played it with a friend one time in the GameZone ages ago, but I’m not even sure how to navigate in there now. But if you lead the way,I’ll play.
(I haven’t even heard of the other games mentioned.) I’ve also been playing beginner chess with the 'puter.

I have Starcraft and Brood Wars but what I don’t have – and would absolutely love to get a copy of and play – is Heroes of Might and Magic 3

just my 2 cents.

schoolwork is WAY too taxing to play before Thanksgiving break, but after that, sure

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I’ve got a Creative Labs Voodoo Blaster which uses the 3dfx chipset. Runs fine on my system. (I suck at it, but that isn’t the system’s fault.)

“Drink your coffee! Remember, there are people sleeping in China.”

Dennis Matheson —
Hike, Dive, Ski, Climb —

Hey… would anyone be interested in setting up a used game exchange? It wouldn’t be appropriate for this board, of course, but I’d be willing to run a mailing list or something.

For instance, I have HOMM3, but I don’t like it very much. Daniel happens to want a copy of this game. I’d be more than willing to trade it (original discs, docs and all) for another game.

(Note that I’m not talking about copying games. My idea of fun does not include being arrested for software piracy, thanks very much.)

If anybody finds this interesting, email me and I’ll compile a list.

Laugh hard; it’s a long way to the bank.

I’ll be up for an AOE2 match…It’ll be nice to play a real person, instead of the damn cheatin’ 'puter. Imperial level in 20 min indeed…

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