Let's start with Starcraft...

In response to the “Why I never play online games” threads, it was proposed that we play some online games with an agreement to “take it easy” to allow those who haven’t played much to get up to speed.

Starcraft was mentioned by several players, and my son is ready: he just picked up a new copy of the Starcraft Battle Chest, and he wants to get some games started.

We will be available online most evenings, and you can contact me by posting in this thread (make sure to leave access to your email) or email me.

If you have some other games in mind, I plan to use a part of my website to use as an announcement page to set up games.

I remember someone volunteering to run a game on their server…

I’ll bump this, as I know there are some of you out there who wanted to play. Waiting on you…

Holy crap, the boards are zoomin’ right now. Gotta shoot off responses to every thread right now while it’s speedy.

I’ll play any time. My email and AIM are in my profile. Feel free to contact me for a game whenever. Please pardon me if you mentioned it and I forgot, but how old is your son? If we can’t get enough players for a full SDMB game, we can always play on battle.net. I am confident that your son and I should be able to win more public 2v2s than we lose.

Anyone else? We knooooow you’re out there. CRorex, I want to see your ownage. Astroboy14, you still down for a game? KKBattousai? Anyone else?

Starcraft? Yeah, I got that. I’ve never actually played it over the internet, though, so I don’t really know if I’m good or not by comparison. I haven’t played it in a while, either. I can beat the computer, but I’m sure it’s on the easiest skill difficultly… Oh yeah, and I cheat. :rolleyes: Sure, I’ll play, though. If you want to contact me, you can either e-mail or instant message me (AOL/AIM). Just check my profile for the screen names.

I’m much better at Age of Kings (Age of Empires II). Anyone want to play that?

::raises hand wildly::

Oooh! Oooh! Over here!

I’ve got Age of Empires II, and the Conquerors expansion as well. I play the Conquerors expansion online exclusively, but I go for the “regular” version as well…

I may not have mentioned it. I’m 40, and he’s 18. He just sent you an IM, and he is interested in playing when you are.

Anyone else?

Well, as a slight hijack, is there anyone out there interested in a game of quake III? If there’s anyone out there who’s interested in starting, but is confused, I could try to help you out. If there are any pro-gamers among the dopers, I’d be up for the challenge (not that I’d be one, but whatever).

Hrrm, to play requires me to see if I can get my laptop connected to my cable modem (the only computer with a valid copy of SC loaded). If anyone’s interested in a few games AIM me (GrayPython)

When I get home from work today I’ll see if I can get the damn roadrunner (don’t snicker!!!) stuff working.
(I’ll be around from maybe 5pm CST till around 2am) And no I don’t sleep