Online Romance Flames Out

Story here. A California woman spurned by a man she’d met online and went out with a couple of times got stuck in his chimney after she tried to enter his house through it.

The man’s final words on the matter are gold:

"I hope she gets help, and I hope she stays offline. But even if she doesn’t, people are going to know who she is now," he said before looking directly into KTLA’s camera and adding, "you’re welcome."


I haven’t seen her picture but I’ll bet she’s smokin’ hot.

OP: You look naked without your number.

Ehhhh, I haven’t seen her either but i believe her skin color is a bit ashen.

You find false white beards and red pajamas attractive, do you?

That depends. Does she have big tits?

That’s probably how she got stuck in the chimney! :smiley:

Awesome picture of the rescue here.

Looks like she couldn’t quite clean all the ash off.

The homeowner said he found her on the roof two weeks before, so I guess she got cold feet the first time.

Is it too early to link to Bob Rivers’ “Chimney Song”? :smiley:

The odd thing is he said that was the first red flag, when he found her on the roof the first time. So she wasn’t spurned yet at that point? If not, what was she doing on the roof? :confused:

The one most associated with chimneys, a white beard & red pajamas & a large front is a he. The moobs probably came from eating too many bowls full of (elf) jelly. :dubious:

Here comes rants 'n claws
Here comes rants 'n claws…

What a ho.
Ho ho.


If you’ve got cold feet, what better place to put them than in a chimney?

Entering a house via the chimney, hmmm. Nope, can’t think of a single thing that could go wrong with that plan. Especially if she already had her flue shot.

Most likely she went down the chimney because it soots her.


Love that guys response about ‘Cinderella’

Great big coal titties.

She was just there because she thought he needed his ashes hauled.