Online Tupperware Party!!

I have recently become a Tupperware consultant. I’m doing this to help my boyfriend pay the bills (he’s supporting me while I’m in college) and to help pay for my textbooks. Of course there’s also the fact that I love Tupperware!

If you would like to buy some Tupperware, there are 3 ways you can do it (well, 4 really but one of them doesn’t help me too!).

  1. If you live near me (MA but close to CT and RI too), you can have a typical Tupperware party at your house and I’ll come to run the show. As a host, you will earn free items and half price items and bonus items based on how much your guests buy and whether or not they book parties themselves. It’s entirely possible that you could get those one or two things you really want without forking over a dime!
  2. Have an online party! I can set up an online party, with you as the host. Again, you benefit from the purchases your “guests” make but you don’t have to clean your house or buy snacks. Everyone purchases from a specific link which goes directly to your party and not the generic Tupperware site.
  3. If you want just one or two things and have no interest in hosting a party, live or otherwise, I can set up my own online party and give you the link and you can get what you want that way. This way doesn’t give you host benefits like free items or half off items but it also saves you from having to wrangle your friends to your party. This way also benefits me because I’ll still be the consultant and will still get my commission.
  4. You can go to and shop there. This way is easy and fast but doesn’t benefit me in any way so of course I’d prefer you didn’t do this :D. Seriously though, Tupperware is awesome and if you want to buy it this way, go for it!
    If you have any questions about any of the cool products, how hosting a party works, or becoming a consultant, let me know! I’ll be glad to pass along the info!

Can you host a Doper party? Kind of like option 3, but linked through the Marketplace thread? Or someone (not me!) could play online host?

That is actually a pretty good idea, though i don’t know how it would work logistically.

I did some research on the logistics of it.

Here’s what happens:

I set up a TupperConnect party, which provides an online portion. People place their orders online and their purchases go directly to their house, instead of to the host’s house.

The problem with doing it like that is that the host will only get credit for the online sales if the non-online sales reach $150. So, if someone wants to host one, they’d be best served by getting a few friends or family to place non-online orders.
But, for a Doper party, I could set myself as host and we could do it as online orders only. Since there wouldn’t be any offline orders, there would be no host credits but since I’m the consultant, I’d still get my commission.

But, if someone wants to host a Doper party and knows that they’ll be buying at least $150 worth of stuff before getting their host credits, they could place their order offline and then wait for the credits to come rolling in (the credits would go for additional items, not the initial purchases).
Does that make sense?

So, to translate - the easiest way would for me to be the host because I’m not concerned about the host credits. Then all orders could be placed online, payment would be online, and shipping would go directly to their house.

Welcome to the first Doper Tupperware Party!! I am your host and consultant so feel free to ask me any questions related to Tupperware (you can ask other random questions too but I can’t guarantee factual answers).

So, here’s how this works,

  1. Click the link. It will take you to the online portion of my Tupperware party.
  2. Look through the catalog and see all the cool things we have to offer.
  3. Add some stuff to your cart.
  4. Check out.
  5. Wait for it to arrive on your doorstep!!
    (for some odd reason known only to the Tupperware higher ups, you can only order once so make sure you’re sure you’re done before checking out)

Link to the party!!

So, have fun, stuff yourself on calorie free virtual snacks and drinks, and spend some money!
To help get you started, here are my top 3 favorite products:

  1. Saucy Silicon Spatula. First of all, it’s green. I love green. Second, it’s the best quality spatula I’ve ever owned. I no longer use my crappy spatulas. If I need 2 or 3, I just use this one and keep washing it. I actually just ordered 3 more, bringing my total to 4. As soon as they get here, every other spatula in my house will get thrown away.

  2. Tupperwave stack cooker I only have the starter for this and actually the only thing I’ve ever used is the casserole dish. I love this so much because I can use it to make a cake in 13 minutes, from start to finish (including cleaning up). It’s kinda like a lava cake and the frosting actually cooks into and on the cake so it’s super moist, packed with flavor, and only gets better after sitting on the counter for 3 days (the glazy frosting turns into what feels and tastes like frosting candy). I’ve never used it to cook real food and it’s possible I never will but it’s totally worth it for the cake.

  3. Quick Chef pro Ok, this one is super cool and for various reasons. I use the mixer attachment for mixing the cake batter for the cakes I make in the stack cooker (technically you’re not supposed to fill it that much but I do and it works perfectly). I use the salad spinner attachment for drying off the rinsed sauerkraut so my boyfriend can make lazy pirogi. I use the blade attachment to slice open my finger.
    Well, not really. I did slice open my finger on it because it’s wicked sharp so be careful if you buy it. I actually haven’t needed to chop anything since I got it so all I do is move the blade around in the cabinet while I go after the other attachments. However, I have seen the blade in action and it work amazingly well. My favorite part about this thing is that it requires no electricity so if we lose power again and I’m cooking in my fireplace again, I can still have nicely prepared veggies, without having to risk my fingers by chopping by candlelight.
    So, what are your favorites? What do you wish you had in your cabinets?

Edited to add: I forgot to mention that this party will end on Thursday, June 28 so you have plenty of time to decide what you want.

Now for the fine print…

  1. I have asked and received permission from Rico to post the announcement in the MPSIMS

  2. Rico asked me to post this from the SDMB rules:

“The administrators and moderators of the SDMB, are not responsible for anything associated with any real life meeting of our members. While we permit SDMB users to post announcements and other discussion of meetings and events on the Straight Dope Message Board, we don’t organize, sponsor, endorse, approve, or have any formal association with such events or any activities that may occur at them. We don’t vouch for any individual or group organizing or participating in an event. Attend at your own risk. We encourage all attendees at these events to obey the laws of the jurisdiction in which they are held.”

Yay! Can’t wait to look at the catalog.

Can’t we have, like, a , um, dinner party or something?

Well, a virtual one. :smiley: At the Tupperware party I had last week, we made spinach and cheese ravioli with a wine sauce, and two kinds of cake - all in the microwave.

How long is the party on? I need time to shop!

If you know of anyone who is going to college in September, you can help them out by giving them this or this. These are just two of the many microwave items that make life a heck of a lot easier, especially for people with little space and time. Both are very small.

The omelet maker allows you to add your eggs and veggies (or whatever else you like in your eggs) to the dish, throw it in the microwave, and continue getting ready for school or work without having to worry about the egg overcooking. When it’s done you can slap it on some bread and eat a tasty and healthy omelet sandwich on the way to class. Even better, it works perfectly with egg beaters or egg whites, which take up way less space in a minifridge than a carton of eggs.

The spaghetti maker allows you to put water and pasta (any kind) in the container and then in the microwave. It requires no stirring or watching. When it’s done, you just pop the lid on to strain because the lid has a strainer built in. This makes it easy for a busy student to have a quick, healthy, and inexpensive meal without ever having to leave their dorm or breaking their study concentration! I just bought one of these for my step-dad because their stove doesn’t work but he loves pasta. My friend got one at a party and hasn’t managed to put it away since she got it because she uses it pretty much every day. You can even use it to make boxed macaroni and cheese!

Antigen - I will be closing it out on the 28th so everyone will have time to shop and I’ll still have time to close it out by the end of the month.

Dunno about the pasta maker (I just don’t make much pasta these days, and it’s just as easy to make it in a pot.), but the microwave omelet maker looks intriguing. I use Egg Beaters almost exclusively and it would be great to just throw everything together, stick it in the thingy, stick the thingy in the microwave, and let it go until it’s ready. Does it handle cheese easily?

And I’ve been looking for a super-big mondo bowl for popcorn. Is there a bowl that will hold six cups or so of popcorn? That way, I can make a super-big mondo bowl for the guys and the smaller one for myself.

What happened to the post above this one? :confused:

I have no idea. That’s really strange. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a post disappear like that.

MsRobyn - I was just doing some bowl research the other day for my boyfriend’s mom. There were a couple with 6 cup capacities but they are part of sets of 3. There are also bigger bowls that are much cooler. :smiley:
This set comes with a 6-cup bowl, and this one comes with a 5.5 cup bowl. Of course, they’re both parts of sets of 3 so you’d get the bigger ones too.
As for cooler ones this one is awesome for entertaining. The lid serves as a sectioned serving try. The bowl has a 1.5 gallon capacity and the two little bowls are the perfect size for dip. When I used mine last week, I had ranch and onion dip in my little bowls, which clip to the inside of the bowl. I had a full bag of chips and a full bag of tortilla chips in there at the same time.

If you can use more bowls and you’re the type who loves awesome sales, this set is one of the June sales. It’s currently more than half price and comes with 10 bowls (2 of each of the 5 different sizes).
I just got my egg maker and haven’t had a chance to use it yet but I’ll go test it now and let you know how it does cheese. I know it does eggs well but no one ever mentioned cheese. Do you usually mix the cheese in the egg or lay it on top?

Ok, here’s the egg cooker review from me and my boyfriend.

ME: cooking was good. Usually when we cook egg sandwiches, we cook one egg worth of egg beaters at a time, cook for 45 seconds, flip and add cheese and then cook for 30 seconds. then we repeat for the second egg.

This time I put 2 eggs worth of egg beaters in a bowl and mixed with freshly shredded monterey jack cheese. Then I cooked it for 2 minutes and checked it then cooked for 30 seconds more (now that I know the cook time, I don’t have to check again. Your microwave will probably be different.).
I found it very easy and quick. While it was cooking, I put the stuff away and went to the bathroom and got back just as the egg finished cooking.
Boyfriend: He says that it has a much better texture than the usual way and it fills the bread better. He said the taste is the same as with the usual way (not surprising since it’s the same flavor of egg beaters). The only problem he had was that I didn’t use enough cheese and I didn’t mix it properly so he got some bites with a lot of cheese and some with none. However, we usually just use American cheese.
From now on I suspect we’ll not add cheese because we don’t usually have cheese to shred. We’ll probably cook for 2 minutes then add a slice of American and do the final 30 seconds.

For us, having a full kitchen, it’s not hugely necessary but for someone making egg sandwiches at work or school, it’ll make life easier.

One serving of fat-free shredded cheddar cheese is 1/4 cup, which is usually enough for a half-cup serving of Egg Beaters and all the veggies I put in. I usually just sprinkle it on top then stir it in to melt it.

So the egg cooker thingy is going on my list. It sounds like a good thing to help me save some time in the morning.

So, we’ve had a review of my top 3 favorites, good gifts for college students, a review of the egg maker, and a lesson on bowls.
Now I’m going to talk about my #4 favorite. I’m sure it will make it into the top 3 but I haven’t actually needed to use it yet. I keep trying to make lots of leftovers but the one of these containers that I have is too big. I’m waiting for the full set to arrive so I can play with the smaller bowls.
I am, of course, referring to the Stuffables. There are two different sets, one with larger containers and one with smaller containers.

The absolutely awesome thing about these bowls is that the lids stretch. I don’t know about you guys but I SUCK at finding the proper size bowl the first time. I always end up needing the next size up from the one I picked and it’s seriously annoying.

Since the Stuffables lids stretch, you can overfill the bowl or pack it with strange shaped food, secure in the knowledge that the lid will still fit!

Now that I’ve gotten around to eating my cherries, I can give a report on the Fridge Smart containers.

The deal with these containers is that produce needs certain conditions in order to survive long enough for slow people (like me) to finish eating them. My boyfriend gets really annoyed when I buy fruit and veg because he knows that there’s a pretty good chance that at least half of it will go bad before I get to it.
The Fridge Smart containers are designed to help alleviate this problem. The ridges on the bottom of the containers keep the produce lifted above any water that may collect (and would normally hasten the rotting process). Also, the containers have two little buttons on the side, and a guide. The buttons either stay closed, one open, or both open, depending on how much air circulation each type of produce needs. The guides on the side of each container tell which items require each button setting.
So, after my Tupperware party last week, I put the leftover produce in my Fridge Smart containers. I’m not impressed with the fact that the carrots are still good because carrots always last a long time. I am, however, impressed with the green beans and the cherries. Usually 5-7 days is the limit in my fridge for cherries and green beans before they are gross and squishy and get thrown away.

Well, I just checked the green beans and they’re just as crispy and not slimy as they were last week.

The cherries have me particularly impressed. There were no inedible cherries in the container when I went to eat them 20 minutes ago. They were all still crisp and juicy and delicious.

The strawberries and watermelon only lasted 5 days but that’s because they were all eaten by the 5th day. But, on that 5th day, they were all still just as good as they were on day one.

These three items are almost out of stock and they’re on sale (over 30% and 40% off!)

Four piece counter-top canister set with flowers and windows. If you have a flower theme or you just need canisters, this set is a great deal. It’s currently on sale for only $29.99 and this is an online exclusive so they can’t be purchased at this price at a home party.

Four piece counter-top canister set with flowers and hearts. This one is an even better deal because it has the same number of canisters but only costs $24.99! Again, this is an online exclusive and isn’t available at home parties.

Four piece space-makers storage containers. This set has 2 different sizes, two of each size, of stack-able containers for minimizing space use. This set is $23.99 and is also an online exclusive!