Only person on earth who hasn't seen this movie...

Somehow, I’ve never seen

“Pulp Fiction”

I could go on. What well-known movies have somehow slipped under your radar?

The Warriors

I have thus far avoided seeing Titanic in its entirety.

I’ve never seen all of Top Gun. I’m happy about it.

I saw ten minutes of Austin Powers 2. It did not make me happy. Consequently, I’ve not seen any more of any of the other Austin Powers movies.

Also: Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2, Braveheart.

The Godfather II.
The Exorcist.

Way too many to mention…but here’s a few

Shawshank Redemption
Shindler’s List
The Patriot
Pearl Harbor
Blair Witch Project
Friday the 13th
Alien and its sequels

Oh, and all the ones the rest of you have listed except The Godfather 2.

I really do go to a lot of movies, but my taste is for comedies and other escapist material. I know I’m missing “good” movies, but I just don’t enjoy them.

Saw part of “Braveheart”. Never seen “Pulp Fiction”.

Never seen any of the “Godfather” films.

Shameful secret: I’ll put it in spoiler box because it is too horrifying to admit flat-out.I bought the “Lord of the Rings” DVD as soon as it came out BUT I HAVEN’T FINISHED SEEING IT. I saw half of it and then got side-tracked and never finished it. I don’t know why I haven’t finished it yet; I could tell it was very good. Never saw it in the theatre and haven’t seen “The Two Towers” yet either.

I haven’t seen Resevoir Dogs.

I never would have seen Schindler’s List if I hadn’t been shown in in English class at highschool. So I’m not sure if that counts.

Still haven’t seen the latest Star Trek movie, and I’m not likely to.

Haven’t seen any Friday the 13th movies.

Or any Godfather movies.

My husband was astonished that I have never seen * Logan’s Run * or * Kung Fu. *

Nor have I ever watched * Platoon * in its entirety.

I share yosemitebabe’s shameful secret.

I’ve also never seen Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, Terms of Endearment, Shindler’s List, Dumber and Dumber, Pearl Harbor, both Austin Powers movies or any of the Godfather, Friday the 13th, or Star Trek movies.

Lawrence of Arabia

Schindler’s List
Gone With the Wind.

I’ve never seen in “The Wizard of Oz” it’s entirety (it always scared me). I’ve never seen even a little of “Gone WIth the Wind” or “A Christmas Story” or “Casablanca”. Oh, and I’ve never seen any of the Halloween, Friday the 13th, etc horror movies.


I’ve never seen CHINATOWN.

I’ve never seen “Casablanca” or “The Maltese Falcon”, much to my mother’s chagrin.

I’ve also never seen “The Grapes of Wrath”, again, much to my mother’s chagrin.

I have never seen anything Russell Crowe starred in, but that’s to my mother’s delight. :wink:

And Kallessa, I’ve seen “Top Gun” about forty zillion times, thanks to my forever-stuck-in-the-80’s husband. Don’t bother. It sucked every single time.

Lucky you. That’s one my mother actually made me take her to see. Maybe I oughta be grateful I haven’t seen her other faves.

Citizen Kane

A Clockwork Orange

Apocalypse Now

Good Morning Vietnam

Top Gun

Any of the Godfather Trilogy

Most of Star Wars

Blair Witch Project


Clearly, this could go on for a while…
Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Soylent Green. Got a copy of it, and when I was just about to watch it, someone gave me that “famous line” from the movie, and I drew my own conclusions from there, and thus it’s been ruined. I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet.

The Green Mile - Also have it, just haven’t gotten around to seeing it. Neither Star Wars Episode I or II. Don’t plan on seeing those, though. :wink:

It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street. Somehow the timing’s never worked out. I’ve never seen Highlander while sober, but that’s probably for the best.