I overslept. I’m supposed to get to work in about 25 minutes, and I just rolled out of bed 10 minutes ago.

I’m gonna have my coffee, then get in the shower, iron and I’ll make it there eventually. Probably about an hour late. Am I worried about it?


I’d say, um, no?

Yes. No. 1776. Um, D? All of the above? A large furry mammal from the pampas of Argentina?? You can’t leave us hanging here Lsura! We NEED ANSWERS!
Oh, wait, you did answer.
deep breath

In other news, I’ve not slept at all. It is now 6 in the morning, and my project due at noon is about 1 hour from being completed.

I’ve made good time, at the sake of sanity.



But no! Instead of letting this barren wasteland of bandwidth go unused I shall now recycle it!

Top ten things “Lsura”'s could be in a parallel universe:

Lsura: A species of dinosaur named by a narcoleptic paleontologist.

Lsura: A breed of long haired lap dogs prone to skin conditions.

Lsura: A tasty Indian dish composed mostly of mashed chick-peas and rice.

Lsura: For all your insurance needs!

Lsura: A name on the personalized licence plate on the car in front of you at a red light (you then spend the rest of the commute wondering what it’s supposed to mean).

Lsura: The name of that strange smelling candy your creepy elderly aunt Rose always has a dish full of on her coffee table.

Ask your doctor about Lsura! (Side effects may include dry mouth, constipation, nervousness and stomach cramps).

A wierd mumbled word in a popular song from your childhood. Sure, it sounded like “Lsura”, but that couldn’t be it, and it was never important enough to find out what the lyrics really were.

Lsura: A trendy Scandinavian furniture manufacturer.

Lsura: The technical name of that little knobby whirl thing on the inside of your ear.

L-sura: The name of the enzyme responsible for your drooling problem.

Lsura: The 13[sup]TH[/sup] century Turkish tyrant who – although he mercilusly killed thousands of innocents and thoughtlessly destroyed many of the great cultural treasures of the Bronze Age – is today mostly known for a tasty sandwich that bears his name.

Lsura: The world most popular Dutch lager.

Hmmm. Lsura, you’re obviously not self employed, nor do you have an entreprenuaral (I am sure this is not an actual word-) bone in your body. You are a drone, and content to remain one. :slight_smile:

That’s fine. We who actually run things need more drones. This way we keep more customers happy, and benefit the economy more.

If you worked for me, you’d be fired by now.

Have a sucessful life.

So, Carina42, I’m a drone because I wasn’t worried about being late? Perhaps it’s that I know I am a good employee, rarely am I late for work, and in fact, I am more likely to be in early and work late. Also, perhaps, it’s because the director has informed us that she isn’t worried about what time we get in, as long as everything gets done. I didn’t have a meeting scheduled for yesterday, I wasn’t inconveniencing anyone other than myself.

Perhaps I wasn’t worried because I don’t work for someone who would fire me on those extremely rare occasions that I oversleep(twice in the year that I’ve been with this company, both times following periods of extreme work stress).

Glad to know that I’m high enough up in the management system that I couldn’t have gotten here without proving myself as a non-drone.

Time for me to go now, since I do have an 8AM meeting today. And look: I’m up ontime, I’m not late, and I’m walking out the door earlier than I really need to!