"Operation Enduring Freedom"...!?

Whatever happened to names like “Operation Overlord”, or “Reforger”; even “Desert Shield” and “Desert Storm” were OK…

Do we need to fire the marketing team?

Years ago, Marvel Comics ran a feature on its “Bullpen Bulletins” page. It was “create your own superhero name.” Two lists of words, the first list being words like “Black,” “White,” “Mighty,” “Golden” and so on, the second list being words like “Spider,” “Avenger,” Witch" and so on. Take one from column A and one from column B, and there’s your superhero name. I think that the Pentagon has its own lists. One from column A and one from column B, and you get “Noble Eagle” and “Just Cause” and “Infinite Justice” and “Desert Storm” and now, “Enduring Freedom.”

Eventually they’ll run out of the cool words and we’ll get things like “Operation: Happy Pigeon” and “Operation: Onion Blossom” and “Operation: Keri Strugg.”

Actually I hear W spent the last two weeks bucking for Operation “Pound-the-Ragheads” and wouldn’t let anyone else have a turn.

[sub]Operation “Get-Behind-the-Darkies”, anyone?[/sub]

Operation Enduring Freedom sounds like something that a bunch of advertising majors came up with.

Their Freshman year.

Lame, lame, lame, lame.

I say bring back old, un-pc names like “Operation Belly Dancer”.

Operation TaliBANNED