Oral Roberts dies

Story here.

God finally came through on Oral’s request to be “taken home” when he failed in his fund raising efforts, many years ago.

mmmmmm, wonder why he was really called oral…! :smiley:

Off-topic, but a serious question: what kind of name is Oral?

It is the Swiss variation of AURELIUS.

God rest his soul, but He took his own sweet time, didn’t He?

It had to be said… :smiley:

Being an atheist, I can not take comfort in that he will be meeting his maker, who would promptly kick his butt downstairs! He was the worst type of con-artist, and for what I am sure he put many families through as relatives sent him cash to keep him from being called home, it seems unfair that he did not get punishment in this life, and that there is no next life to balance the karma levels.

Also: what does he have to do with the Cafe Society?

Did that 600-foot Jesus finally whack 'im for not raising enough money?

(Who would have thought Jesus was running a protection racket?)

Better than Anal I suppose…

Hmmm, today is looking like it might not be such a bad day after all…

Mmmm–the Pit, maybe?

Considering he was big into faith healing, some may think of him as an entertainer…

Moved Cafe Society --> MPSIMS.

And DC just passed same-sex marriage. It’s Strom Thurmond all over again!

I felt completely ashamed of myself for laughing so hard at the FARK.com headline:

“Jesus Prepares to Receive Oral.”

“To the modern religion
There is this moral
Bryant’s an eater
And Roberts is Oral.”

  • Davis Grubb

I think Dave Barry said it best in his yearly retrospective on 1987:

Another blood-sucking leech leaves the planet.

I note with interest that here we have an MPSIMS thread about a recent celebrity death, most of the comments appear to be negative, and there is no mod-smacking in evidence.

Yet when Ted Kennedy died, there was mod smacking for negativity. Ted Kennedy was a liberal. Oral Roberts was a religious conservative. Hmmmmmm.