Oral Sex Questions for Women

I’m sure people who like to dress up like chipmunks and piss on each other would say the same thing. You and they are certainly entitled to your opinions, but that means I’m entitled to think that’s just gross.

I don’t even like “regular” oral! The very idea of licking the various fuzzy folds seems somehow “off” to me, and the "off"ness of it turns me completely off. No, I don’t care if you think I’m crazy or I just haven’t gotten head from the right guy yet or whatever - I don’t like it. I’m not interested. Thank you and goodnight.

Oddly enough, I’ll administer oral sex upon my man with great pleasure and enthusiasm.

Where can we fill out an application to be said man…?

An oddly poetic statement that rings some kind of bells in my mind… did Barry Manilow perhaps once sing a song with this as the hook line?

He was singing it in a wistful disapointed style though. He was sad because, for whatever reason, lips that touch anus will never touch his.



I guess that your not one of those people who lets thier pet dog/cat lick your face then. Because if you are, I got news for ya: Cats spend about 60% of thier waking hours licking thier anus and genitalia. Dogs lick thiers too, but not as often, because they are too busy licking some other dog’s anus/genitalia. And they are usually fresh off a 3-course meal of “Cat-shit au Vin” from the Litterbox Cafe.

Dogs and cats are dirty, filthy animals.

If you own pets, a lilttle “Bung-Tounge” should be the least of your worries. I’m reviving an old sig line just for this post.

Never kiss an animal that can lick its own butt.

Like cowgirl and Indygrrl I enjoy ass play. Rimming, rubbing, insertation, anal sex… it’s all good.

To those who want to try it on their girlfriend… I don’t know if there’s a delicate way to bring up the subject. I would recommend you start working your way down there and if they don’t like it they’ll stop you in one way or another. Just don’t be afraid to try it if you think she may be open to it.

Amen to your anal adventures! Every girl I’ve dated has said “no way” to anal sex, and I know my current one well enough to not even bring it up. But one of my girlfriends liked me to touch it and slightly insert my fingers . . . she was a hopeful, but alas, the relationship did not last long enough.

I think that many girls are anti-anal because they think that it would make them a slut or a freak if they participated in any way. What a shame . . . think of all the pleasure they are missing out on.

Well, actually, I do let them lick my face. But not my mouth. Never, ever, the mouth. Nor do I allow the cats to put their paws on my mouth (my cats have some really weird tendencies), because I know they’ve been dancing through the litterbox.

Now, just because I’ve worked in a few porn stores doesn’t mean I’m sleazy or slutty but I do enjoy anal sex and ass play. I also enjoy giving oral sex but that’s also a touchy subject with some folks. I do a lot for my hunny and he reciprocates rather nicely. As long as you keep things clean, I don’t see what the fuss is about.

Working where I did, I learned a lot about sexual turn-ons and fetishes, vanilla and otherwise. Being adventurous benefits both partners as well as an open line of communication.

9 orgasms during 1 session of anal sex… is this so wrong? I love my hunny.

Hmmm…I beg to differ. That is to say, I don’t think it’s quite the same thing, as I’m pretty sure most people in chimpmuck suits are aware that this is a particular thing that does it for them due to the particular warp and weave of their sexuality.

Whereas I’m recommending ass much as I would recommend a guy who wanted sexual pleasure might conside having his penis touched…because it’s an erogenous zone, rife with nerve endings. And thus a very likely place to experience sexual pleasure. (Of exactly what sort, of course, depending on one’s own warp and weave>)

That said of course you’re entitled to think it’s gross. I was only calling y’all damn fools lightheartedly ya know :). (Although I might still suggest you may be missing out …see SanguineSpider’s post :D)

I don’t LET the dog put his tongue in my mouth it just sometimes ends up there because he is so very passionate towards me.

Analingus is like eating potato salad when you’re not positive how long it’s been around. Some people will throw it out even if it smells okay and they are very hungry. I am the type to eat the salad if it seems okay and I tend to go out with people who will also eat the salad if it seems okay.

Perhaps not, but counting them seems a little odd…

Barry Manilow and licking anus.
NOT 2 things that go together.
skipping lunch today…

Heh. I certainly hope not.

If you’re getting chunks of celery then you’re doing something wrong!


I adore it. Although I think the licking part is best and anything more should come slowly after I have been warmed up with foreplay. But here is something interesting, I ddon’t entirely agree with the “talk about it first” thing. 90% are going to say NO WAY!!

I have had guys (most) who would say the exact same thing but I have done this one little thing. When going down on them in a particularly long gentle session, when I know I have them really relaxed and really really into it, I just go a little lower and suck his testicles and watch his reaction. Most guys love that, then swirl my tongue around the base, then dip a little lower ath the base of his perineum. Most guys love that too. Most women will too. (Yes I have tried that too)

from there, you just have to experiment, touch and go, if you dip a little lower and she squirms like she is uncomfortable, then back off - she isn’t going to go for it, but I am betting she won’t. So far every GUY I have tried this on has been utterly amazed at how good it feels and you know guys are a lot more sensitive about their back doors and “does this make me GAY?!!! OMG!!” than women are. the only thing is, I usually continue to stroke them with my hand and the questionm is how long it takes before they are cumming.

So I would try that out to see if your girl is interested. I have tried this on both sexes and have only found one person who really really wasn’t into it - one woman who had been anally raped. I can certainly understand THAT inhibition.

But then everyone certainly does have their own likes and dislikes and germs are germs and some people won’t even let you use their tooth brush after you have given them oral sex (my ex-husband) thoguht that was an interesting commentary…

you slut

I for one enjoy anal play.
I’m not as big a fan of penile penetration, but once in a while after lots of play it’s okay.

Wow. TMI.

You obviously haven’t met my boyfriend then. :wink: Unfortunatly for him, there isn’t a chance in hell any of my fingers are going up there! He will continue to hint though…